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What are Lines of Credit Loans?

Dealing with personal finances can be straight foreword when you have a job with income, routinely pay your bills on time and have no unforeseen bills. However, if anything out of the ordinary comes along, you may have to consider other options. Most people rely on their savings when possible. Yet, there may come a point where that simply isn't a viable option. Taking out a line of credit loan could provide you with the money you're looking for with some advantages over other types of online loans. A credit loan can be approved quickly, so it can be helpful in dealing with a financial crisis and you need to obtain a personal loan. In addition, you can also apply for this type of online loan and only use the money when a need arises. Customers enjoy lines of credit, which help to assure that you are prepared for most financial problems. The cash is there when you need to replace old appliances or need money to get the car repaired. Lines of credit loans provide lots of flexibility for borrowers such as flexible repayment terms, good interest rates and contracts that secure the terms of the loan, so borrowers aren't hit with hidden surprises.

We Provide Lines of Credit Loan Services in the Following States:

How to Apply for a Line of Credit

The first thing you'll need to do after determining that a line of credit loan makes good financial sense is to fill out the basic application on our website. Generally, our online loan application only requires your contact information to start with, so we can begin processing the loan. Additional information may be required to complete the loan qualification process later.

To fill out an application, you will need to supply us with your:

  • Full name
  • A phone number
  • Your address, which also includes your zip code

Looking at the Loan Process for Borrowers

  • Before applying for an online loan, it can be helpful if you locate your average monthly income along with the total amount of your regular monthly bills. This helps us to determine your ability to repay the loan.
  • You'll need to fill out an application to begin the loan process.
  • After receiving the loan application, we will confirm the receipt of your application and provide you with a free upfront loan estimate. Remember, this is an estimate, which could change as more financial information is gathered during the qualifying process. However, it should provide you with a good idea of the amount you might receive.
  • One of our online loan representatives will contact you using the phone number you provide in your application to discuss your interest in a loan and how we can help you.

Learning About the Loan Requirements

  • To verify you have a method for covering your loan payments, we will ask to see that you have verifiable income.
  • According to regulations, you will be asked to provide proof that you are at least 18.
  • A utility bill or other type of document may be required to confirm that you have US residency.
  • Loan agreements can vary between states, which may require the borrower to have a checking account to accept loan draws from their credit line.

When to Consider a Line of Credit

  • When you need to get cash quickly.
  • If you don't have an asset to put against a loan or prefer not to provide loan collateral.
  • If you have bills and financial responsibilities that just can't wait and must be paid now.
  • If you like the idea of having a line of credit that's already approved and there when you need quick cash for any purpose.

Looking at the Advantages of Taking out a Line of Credit

  • Some folks like the idea of a special account that's always there to handle unforeseen emergencies.
  • Most lenders don't place any spending restrictions on loan funds from a line of credit loan. This provides the flexibility that people want in an online loan.
  • Typically, draws from a line of credit are transferred to a checking account, so borrowers can easily write a check for purchases.
  • Borrowers are approved for a specified amount of money, so they always know how much cash they can use.
  • Borrowers do not pay any interest on the full loan amount. Interest is only applied to the first draw when it is made and each additional draw amount.
  • After making one or more withdrawals, you can choose to make only the minimum payment if desired or repay the full amount.
  • A line of credit loan is a personal installment loan. Once a payment is applied to your account that money becomes available again for your withdrawal in the future according to the terms of your contract.
  • If you are self-employed or work on commission, a line of credit loan could be helpful when you have gaps between incomes.

Comparing Loan Options

  • Taking out a payday loan may provide very quick cash. However, this type of loan has to be paid back using your next paycheck. In some instances, this could be a problem if you are already struggling financially. Another thought to consider about payday loans is that they usually charge very high interest rates, so you may be spending a great deal of money just to acquire the loan.
  • Car title loans and lines of credit can both offer longer loan repayment periods than other types of loans, which can be a benefit to some borrowers. However, car title loans do require a vehicle pledged as security. A line of credit can be secured or unsecured depending upon the lender terms.
  • Taking out a cash advance with a credit card may solve a financial problem quickly. However, many borrowers may come to regret this kind of decision because interest rates are often quite high on cash advances.

Reviewing the Terms of the Loan

Regardless of the type of online loan you're looking at, it's always worth the time to review the contract to verify fees, interest rates and when payments come due.

If you need extra financial support, consider a line of credit loan today.

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