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Car Title Loans in Appleton, WI

Have You Heard of Appleton Title Loans in Wisconsin?

Being in a financial bind is the very definition of stressful. Add in the fact that your credit isn't the best and you've got the perfect recipe for a disaster. If the banks and credit unions aren't interested in lending money to you, where can you turn?

Well, you could try one of these options:

1. Beg friends and family. Who wants to do that? Nobody.

2. Pawn your stuff. Sure, it'll put a few dollars in your hand but probably not enough to fix your problems.

3. Get a payday loan. This might work...except you've got to repay the loan IN FULL with your next paycheck. Then you're broke again! Sigh.

But before you give up, we have one more option for you: try car title loans in Appleton, WI. Have you heard of auto title loans in Appleton before? No? Then keep reading. We'll tell you everything you need to know.

What are Car Title Loans Appleton?

Wisconsin title loans are secured loans. This means you need to put up collateral to back your loan. For these loans, the collateral you'll need is the title to a vehicle you own. That vehicle can be a car, van, commercial truck, motorcycle, boat or recreational vehicle. Because this form of collateral is so valuable, lenders like us at Loan Cheetah are able to skip the credit check process altogether. A great loan without a credit check -- how cool is that?

So, owning your own vehicle with no payments left is the most important qualification for car title loans in Appleton. You also need to be at least 18 years old, a legal U.S. resident and have enough income to reasonably afford to make your loan payments.

When you visit us to apply for your loan, we'll give you the loan money in exchange for your title. How much we loan you depends on what your vehicle is worth. The newer and nicer it is, the more we can give you. We'll file for a short-term lien on your title and hold it securely while you make your payments. As soon as you've made your final payment, we'll remove the lien and return your title. Loan Cheetah will never hold your actual vehicle, just the title. You're totally free to use your vehicle as much as you want.

Applying for a Vehicle Title Loan

Aren't you a little curious about how much money your car can get you? We get that a lot! That's why we've designed our car title loan estimate widget for this website. Simply answer the prompts about your vehicle, including its age, mileage, make and model, then give us your name and phone number. You'll get a quick, customized quote based on your responses, and one of our representatives will call you to say hello and answer any questions you might have.

When you're ready to move forward with the full application, stop by one of our offices in your area. While we can take some of the information for car online title loans, we'll need to visit with you to inspect your vehicle in person, get your signature for your loan documents and give you your money.

Have you ever applied for a loan with a bank? You will literally be stuck there for hours. Not with Loan Cheetah. We'll have you in and out as quickly as possible. To make things go more quickly, have all of your paperwork with you the first time you see us. Bring these things with you:

  • The original car title
  • The car itself (or whatever type of vehicle you own)
  • Your driver's license
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of address
  • Three personal references with phone numbers

We'll process your application and go over your repayment options before you sign. We have flexible and affordable payment plans to fit all budget types.

Our Loans Actually Help

Title loans in Appleton are the real deal. You can borrow up to thousands of dollars without a credit check with nothing more than the title to a car you own. You don't even have to be employed, as long as you receive income from some source, like disability, child support, unemployment or pension. And the payment terms work just like a traditional loan from a bank. What's not to love?

So, give it a try. See how much money you qualify for today. We've got a feeling you'll be giving us a call very soon. We look forward to it!

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