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Birmingham Alabama Downtown An Introduction to Title Loans Birmingham, Alabama

There is a long list of reasons why title loans Birmingham have become such a popular way to keep driving your car and take care of your financial situation. Do any of the following situations apply to your or your family right now?

  • Are you short on cash and worried about how you are going to get by until your next paycheck?
  • Have you thought about filing for bankruptcy to make the collections calls stop?
  • Have you maxed out your credit cards and taken all of the cash advances that you can?
  • Are you getting hit with late fees on your bills and are getting into a deeper hole every day?
  • Are you stressed about how you will be able to make ends meet this month?
  • Did an unexpected car repair come up that you have no way to pay for?
  • Are you too embarrassed to go to your friends or family for a personal loan during a tough financial time?

While any one of these scenarios is stressful enough, you can breathe a sigh of relief because title loans Birmingham can help you out right away. The main reason that title loans Birmingham are so helpful is that they put cash in your hands when you need it the most.

The way that you qualify for title loans in Alabama is:

  • You must be the owner of your car or truck.
  • Your car or truck must have a certain amount of value.
  • There cannot be any other loans out on the title to your car.
  • You must have valid ID showing that you are at least 18 years old.
  • There cannot be any other owners listed on the official title to your car or truck.

If you can say that all of these things apply to you, then there is absolutely nothing holding you back from getting car title loans online from Loan Cheetah right away. When you work with Loan Cheetah, you get the peace of mind of working with a trusted and reputable title loan lender who is known for acting fast in getting you the cash in hand that you need from a car title loan exactly when you need it the most.

Drivers in Alabama come to us for an auto title loan quote because they know that they can depend on our excellent customer service and super fast response time to get them approved faster than ever for a title loan. If you do not have time to wait around to straighten out your finances and are looking for immediate relief, then a title loan is definitely the way to go.

We work with drivers in all kinds of unique situations. Some of our customers have a rebuilt car title after a major accident, but their car has been repaired to an extent that it is still quite valuable. In this situation, a salvage title loan could be a good choice for you. At Loan Cheetah, we try to make title loans work for as many vehicle owners as possible, which is why we are so open to working with all kinds of situations.

What You Need to Do to Apply for Title Loans Birmingham, Alabama

It does not get any easier to be approved for a personal loan than with a car title loan. This is because all you need to show is that you have a valid and clear car title and that your car is worth a certain amount. The car title is what actually secures the auto title loan.

To complete your online application for a title loan, you need to fill in your name, phone number and home address. Then, you need to select the year, make, model and current mileage from your odometer. Along with the current condition of your car or truck, this information helps us to figure out an accurate estimate for your vehicle. The vehicle estimate is important because it helps us determine the value of the secured asset of your title loan, your car.

Once we have the value of your vehicle, we get in touch with you at the contact information you provide in the application to give you an idea of how much you could expect to borrow for your vehicle. This estimate is always free and should be used as a way to find out how much a title loan could help you out today.

How Alabama Laws and Regulations Work for a Title Loan

If you take out a title loan in Alabama, then you do not need to give up the rights to your car. The only thing that you hand over is the title document to your car or truck. Even though the lender gets to keep the title document to your car, you get to keep the car itself. This means that you drive the car around just like you would before. You can do pretty much anything with your car while you are paying off a title loan except sell your car.

When the loan is all the way paid off, you get the title document back from the lender for good. At that point, you own the car free and clear of any liens again. You can sell your car if you wish once the loan is paid off.

The Major Advantages of Taking Out a Title Loan

Title loans are here to help you out of so many different tough financial situations. They truly are a second chance at getting your life back together because of the ability to get cash on the spot without waiting around for days or months for approval from a regular type of loan.

If you get a free estimate for your title loan amount, you can find out how much money could be deposited into your bank account right away. You do not have to fret about paying extremely high interest rates for this loan because it is secured by your car, which is more protection than you would offer with a normal personal loan. Because of this extra protection with a title loan, you get a much more competitive interest rate. This helps you to pay the loan off even faster so you can get the title to your car back in hand in way less time.

Another benefit of a title loan is that they are not based on a credit check, which means vehicle owners with all types of credit histories can qualify for a title loan right away. The loan application also does not require a cosigner or personal references, so you can qualify for an auto title loan all on your own. This puts you in control of your financial destiny and lets you avoid answering irritating questions from friends or family about why you need to borrow money right now.

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