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Title Loans Buena Park, California

Unforeseen circumstances, an event that demands immediate action or an urgent need for help or relief are some ways to describe an emergency. Who hasn’t experienced that? We all have times when nothing seems to go our way or things just fall apart. Often, these tragedies include the need for money. While it is great to have an emergency fund to take money from when you need it, most people don’t have a separate account with extra money for a rainy day. Most people are living paycheck to paycheck and struggle to get money in a crisis. Most people also don’t realize there is an easy way to avoid the struggle, and it’s sitting in the driveway or parked in the garage. By applying for title loans Buena Park, they can get their emergency funds in as little as one day.

Title Loans Buena Park

Title loans are a way to get money using your car as collateral. Also known as pink slip loans, they are made to people who own a car with a clear title and have the ability to pay back the money.

Title loans Buena Park are great for people who need emergency loans sometimes. Because the borrower’s vehicle is used to secure the loan, the majority of applicants are approved without a credit check.

Title Loans Buena Park Application

Loan Cheetah makes getting a title loan so convenient that you don’t even have to leave the house. Just start the pre-approval process by typing in the specifications of your car, as well as your name and contact information. Our simple application only takes a minute or two to complete, and once you submit it, you will get a text or email with a title loan quote. This is followed by a phone call from a Loan Cheetah representative who will guide you through the rest of the loan process.

We discuss your repayment plan and answer any questions you have. Finally, you let us know which one of our locations is where you want to collect your cash. If you would rather not pick up the money in person, let us know so that we can arrange a direct deposit.

California Laws

California laws are very flexible concerning the title loan industry, but lenders are required to have a state issued license to operate. There is no cap on interest rates of loans over $2,500. Lenders are required to inform borrowers about interest charges, their loan annual percentage rate and all fees associated with their loan.


  • It is quick and easy and convenient to get title loans in Anaheim and Buena Park. It’s als quick and easy to make payments and get your car title back. Of course, one benefit of title loans is that if you run into a snag and can’t pay off the loan exactly on time, title lenders are more than willing to work with you on extending, renewing or restructuring the loan so that you have more time to repay.
  • No hassle and no stress could be the motto of title loan applications and approval. Unlike going to a bank, there is limited paperwork and only a short conversation about loan details. There is no fear of being rejected because the loan is based on your ownership of a car with a clear title. There is no worrying about the lender running your credit and what that report might show.
  • Keep driving. Yes, we hold on to your car title as security for the loan, but you keep driving to work, the grocery store, school, the park and every other place you want.
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This is a solicitation for a loan. This is not guaranteed offer and requires a complete and approved application. Title-secured loan amount subject to vehicle evaluation. Results and actual amounts may vary. Certain limitations apply.

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