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Title Loans in California

Title Loans California

Whether you're in your twenties, fifties or even your seventies, life is full of challenges and the unknown. You may think you've planned out your life and taken care of financial responsibilities, when suddenly out of left field, you find you're in dire need of some quick cash. A job loss, mounting bills, a bad business deal or even a family emergency could take you by surprise. In these situations, the last thing you should be focusing on is money and where to get some. This is when title loans in California can really make a difference. Title loans, which are often called pink slip loans, require the title of a fully paid vehicle as security to secure a quick cash loan. Loan amounts can vary depending on the value of your automobile. Essentially, you are using the equity you have in your automobile as a guarantee to the lender if you should default on the loan. The loan process is so simple and streamlined that thousands of car owners are taking advantage of this process to get fast cash from lenders like Cheetah. Loan Cheetah is happy to help you with quick cash needs today. Our experienced representatives are ready to answer your questions, process a fast loan and get the money you need now.

Benefits of Title Loans California

At Loan Cheetah, we are delighted with the service we can offer our customers and how quickly we can process your loan. They don’t call us Cheetah for nothing. Like our namesake, we’re fast!

We understand how money problems can come up at the last minute, and we don’t even ask why you want a loan. Customers only need to meet a couple of requirements and you’ve got money! In all likelihood, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn about the additional benefits of this quick loan.

  • Title loans might be cheaper than getting a cash advance. Because your auto is the collateral, you might get desirable interest rates, which could make the loan more affordable.
  • You have full use of the automobile just like you always have. The car is still yours to drive as you wish, and the title is returned when the loan is paid.
  • Customers can easily begin applying for title loans online from home in comfortable surroundings at their leisure.
  • Lots of people qualify for title loans in California.
  • Title loans are the perfect solution for relieving stress, eliminating debt and getting back to a normal routine.
  • Cheetah understands everyone has different needs and we’re glad to arrange payment options that work for you.
  • A great source of quick money when you need it.
  • We have hundreds of locations throughout the states, where customers can pick up their loan money, which makes it awfully convenient.
  • Flexible repayment terms are available according to customer needs

Applying for Title Loans California on Our Website

To begin the online pre-approval process for loans, clients need to submit vehicle information such as:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Style
  • Model
  • Estimated Mileage

Required contact information includes:

  • Your Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Your Zip Code

After applying online, you could receive an email or text with your personalized quote for a title loan, which tells you how much the loan amount could be. Next, we’ll call to chat about your needs and loan details.

We work with each individual to discuss payment terms to find the ideal payment arrangement to meet your situation. When you are approved, you will probably also need to submit a copy of the vehicle registration and the title.

Filling out the application form takes just a couple of minutes, and once your loan is approved, you could have your money in just 24 hours. The beauty of a title loan is that they require very little information from applicants, and before you know it you’ll have your money.

Free Car Title Loan Estimates

Even though you’re probably overjoyed with the wonderful benefits you’ve just read about, you may be wondering just how much money you could qualify for with one of these fast loans.

Well, unlike banks and other lending institutions, where you’ll have to answer a long list of questions and wait for what seems forever to find out, you can get a free car title loan estimate instantly.

Loan estimates may vary depending upon the age of the vehicle, the condition and the fair market value of the car you’re using for collateral.

Legal Regulations About How Title Loans Work in California

Within California, licensed companies may provide consumers with short-term loans, which are secured by titles to motor vehicles. According to regulations, the interest on loans less than $2,500 is not to exceed 30 percent in a year. Loans above this amount don’t have limits.

Lenders may legally charge processing fees or administrative costs if they desire. They can also charge a small late fee if applicable. California lenders must explain interest rates and fees related to title loans in California before clients proceed to sign contracts.

Respectable title loan companies should always disclose any fees involved with acquiring a loan at the time a contract is signed. They should also make sure customers understand the loan process and consequences if they should default on a loan of this nature.

Poor, Good or Excellent Credit?

Most of us have anxiously waited to find out whether we’re approved for a loan based on a credit check of our history or credit score. This in itself can be extremely stressful, but at Loan Cheetah, you have no worries.

We do not care what your credit rating is. We don’t run any credit checks. Your vehicle serves as collateral and that’s what counts.

Requirements for Title Loans

We believe in simplifying loan applications, so we have streamlined the application process. Clients will need the following information to apply for loans:

  • A vehicle title with no liens.
  • 18 years of age or older.
  • References
  • Identification
  • Steady income source.

Repayment Terms

We pride ourselves on being able to offer competing interest rates, which means we have more flexibility when discussing repayment terms. Unlike other companies with rigid terms, Cheetah allows customers to pay their loans over a period of years, months or weeks. Best of all, we don’t have prepayment penalties for paying off loans early!

Collateral Loans Could Save the Day

In this day and age, it’s not unusual for people to have poor credit, repossessions or even a foreclosure on their credit history. Mistakes happen throughout life, but unfortunately, you may still be penalized for previous credit problems when applying for other varieties of loans.

Despite credit problems, many people use collateral loans as a great alternative solution when they are short on money for unexpected bills or emergencies. Collateral loans aren’t based on credit scores. Instead, they rely on collateral that you put down to secure the loan. In these circumstances, your automobile is the collateral. It is as simple as that. So you see, taking out an auto title loan could really save the day when you want or need cash fast.

FAQ Surrounding Title Loans

Naturally, most consumers always have concerns and questions when taking out a loan of any sort. Hopefully, these FAQ will answer the majority of your questions and put your mind at ease when applying for quick cash.

Q: Are interest rates high on automobile title loans?

A: At Cheetah, we charge competitive rates, which are often compared to the rates charged by several traditional lenders.

Q: What is the difference between payday loans and title loans?

A: Normally, payday loans are short-term and usually paid for within just a couple of weeks. Whereas, title loans have a much longer time for repayment and usually offer consumers better rates.

Q: I am currently not working. Could I qualify?

A: Yes, you might still qualify. Customers are not required to hold a job, but they must have some form of income like alimony, child support, retirement income or unemployment for example.

Q: Your title loans sound great, but aren’t there some sort of fees involved on these loans?

A: We try to keep costs down for consumers applying for loans whenever possible. Consequently, consumers won’t be paying for any kind of processing or application fees when they apply for our title loans.

Q: Can people really get title loans in California in just 24 hours?

A: After filling out a short application form and receiving a quick approval, you really can get loans in just 24 hours.

Q: What loan amount could I qualify for?

A: For the most part, the loan amount is determined by your car’s condition and the mileage, make and year of the car. Some cars could qualify for hundreds of dollars or thousands.

Q: When do consumers receive their car titles back on vehicles?

A: Once you have paid off the loan in full, you will receive the vehicle title right away.

Regardless of your circumstances, it’s wonderful to know you may qualify for quick title loans in California from the friendly folks at Loan Cheetah with an established reputation and professional services.

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