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Title Loans Camarillo, California

Not long ago, you took the plunge and got your first title loan. Since it was a new experience, you were a bit apprehensive, but once you saw how easy and convenient title loans are, you went full speed ahead. It was a great feeling to have the money you need and not have to worry about lacking having enough to make ends meet. Unfortunately, another financial setback hit. Maybe it was an unexpected expense or you lost your job. Whatever the problem, it has made it harder and harder to make those title loan payments. Stress is building because pretty soon you won’t enough money to make any of your loan payments, and you fear you may default on the loan. If that happens, you could lose the car you put up collateral. You options may be limited, but there is one possible solution. How about refinancing your title loan?

Title Loans Camarillo

Refinanced title loans are regular title loans that have been reworked a bit. What happens is that original title loans are taken out by people who run into trouble making payments. Instead of defaulting on title loans in Camarillo, which puts them in a position of potential vehicle repossession, they contact the lender about options. One option is to refinance the loan so that payment amounts are lower or the repayment time frame is extended.

Refinanced Title Loans Camarillo Application

Refinance car title loan applications can happen with your current lender or a new lender. For example, you call Loan Cheetah to say you are having trouble making payments, and a loan rep works out a way to refinance your loan so that payments are more affordable. Because you are already a Loan Cheetah customer, there is no need for a new application. However, if someone who has a loan with a different lender calls Loan Cheetah about refinancing a title loan, they may need to start from the beginning and complete a new application. This will include providing information about the borrower, their source of income and the vehicle they want a loan against.

California Legal Information

Under California law, title lenders are allowed to charge fees in addition to the interest on the loans they provide. These fees could be for late payments, processing the loan and for administrative duties. Lenders must make all borrowers aware of these fees before the borrower signs a loan agreement. While there is no limit on loan amounts, those under $2,500 must not be charged interest in excess of 30 percent per year.


Whether it is applying for a title loan online for the first time or refinancing a current loan, the process is fast. Lenders understand the need for immediate cash and how hard life can be when there is not enough money to go around. Title lenders also understand how difficult it is to be rejected by traditional lenders, so they make it easy for the underbanked population to be served. And, when a person can’t make loan payments, a title lender offers options to bring the account current.

Refinancing title loans in Camarillo is a stress buster. When you fall behind on payments for a loan, it is stressful to not have enough money to meet your obligations and especially stressful to think of the consequences of not paying your debt. However, with a willing lender, refinanced title loans in Oxnard and Camarillo give you more time and more affordable payments. You don’t have to worry about defaulting on a loan.

Title loan or refinanced title loan, you still get to keep your car while you make loan payments.

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