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Title Loans Canton, Ohio

Title Loans Canton, OH

There is a lot of talk about title loans out there, but there isn’t nearly enough about the good they can do when someone is short on cash. Title loans in Canton, OH are an unbelievably simple, stress-free way to get a short-term loan when you need money now.

When it comes to title loans, Ohio borrowers can get their cash quick. A car title loan estimate is often instant, and loan funds can be transferred into your account in just 24 hours, depending upon the specific loan. These short but readily available loans are ideal short-term financial solutions, perfect for getting borrowers to their next payday when hard financial times hit.

These loans don’t work like long-term loans from a bank and they aren’t intended to serve the same purpose. Instead, they have a short life, often less than 60 days, and they allow borrowers to cover expenses that come up when the money isn’t quite in the bank yet. In this way, title loans are often a lifeline for borrowers who need cash faster than a bank loan can provide it, or for those who simply feel they don’t have better options.

Title Loan News in Ohio

Title loans remain a popular option for borrowers even as new state regulations are put in place to encourage more fair lending practices. See how the title loans Canton borrowers receive are increasing in popularity as the state makes it easier to avoid fraudulent loans in favor of legally compliant lenders.

Getting a clear picture of how title loans work and the risks that come with them helps make for a better borrowing experience overall. Read a Pew report about what people know about title loans, what they wish they knew before they borrowed, and how you can avoid these pitfalls and find all the best title loans Ohio has to offer.

The Office of the Attorney General seeks to keep borrowers getting title loans safe and happy by breaking down the regulations surrounding lending in Ohio. See what a good lender looks like and check out what your rights are as a borrower.

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles

When you get a title loan, you are using your car as collateral for the loan value. Once you’ve been approved, you send the vehicle title to the lender as security for the loan. When everything is repaid, they send the title right back to you. That is why when it comes to title loans, Canton borrowers should also be aware of their vehicle’s status.

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles is where all drivers should look to update or get copies of their vehicle records. A number of services can be completed online, including:

  • Drivers license renewal
  • Renewing a vehicle registration
  • Registering a new vehicle
  • Transferring titles
  • Getting copies of certain vehicle documentation

If you would rather deal with a person face-to-face, or if you require a service that cannot be completed online, a local office for the Bureau of Motor Vehicles can be contacted at:

3029 Forestdale Ave SW

Canton, OH 44706

(330) 484-6488

Regulation and Reporting Title Loans

Title loans are a safe, legal way to get a short term loan as long as the lender is operating in accordance with state regulations for small loans. Anyone operating outside of these regulations is not a lender but a loan shark. Loan sharking is illegal, and if you think you’ve had an experience with a lender running illegal operations, turn them into local law enforcement immediately.

Canton Chief of Police: Bruce Lawyer

Canton Police Non-Emergency Phone Number: (330) 489-3100

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