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Title Loans Carol Stream, IL from Loan Cheetah

With all the talk going around about title loans, you might find yourself wondering if this type of loan is right for you. Unlike a payday loan, which usually limits the amount you can borrow to just a few hundred dollars, title loans let you borrow much more. The exact amount that you can borrow often depends on the overall condition of your vehicle, its age and the model number.

When applying for online title loans, Carol Stream applicants may notice that they can get more for a historic model or a brand new car than they would get for something with a few more miles on the engine.

Carol Stream is a small town in northeastern Illinois, but it has a close proximity to both Chicago and Indiana. You might want to tailgate before the next big game at Notre Dame, take your kids to Millennium Park or treat your wife to dinner at one of the fanciest restaurants in Chicago.

With a title loan, you can get more than enough to plan your perfect day or night out. You can even borrow money against your title to help with the down payment on a new home or an apartment rental in Carol Stream, which CNN Money named one of the nation's best places to live.

Title Loans Carol Stream Applicants

When we designed our website, we created an easy application that any interested party could fill out in just a few short minutes. We know that you have a lot on your plate and not a lot of time in your schedule, which is why we made the process easier for you. The application consists of two different sections. The first section is all about your vehicle.

Let us know the number of miles on the odometer, its make, the model and the year. You can then fill out a second section to tell us a little about you. As soon as we process your information, we'll have one of our reps call you to tell you more about taking out title loans in Illinois, whether we can approve your loan and how much you can get.

Legal Regulations

Illinois has a few regulations in place regarding title and collateral loans Carol Stream applicants should know about. The state prohibits borrowers from taking out a loan that is more than half of what they make each month and from borrowing more than $4,000 at any one time. You may get around this after paying down some on your loan and then borrowing more against the same car.

Illinois also requires that all lenders do a check on an applicant to ensure that the applicant did not take out a title loan from another lender within the last 15 days. You cannot take out a title loan from a new lender within 15 days of paying off an old loan either, though you may have the right to borrow more or take out a second loan from that same lender.

Title Loan Benefits

As beautiful as Carol Stream is, the cost of living is fairly high. If you need a little extra money to pay off your bills, cover the cost of your child's education or buy groceries until your next paycheck, a title loan can help. Title loans in Schaumburg let you get money faster than you could through a bank and lets you borrow a smaller amount than that bank would. Whether you need cash for an upcoming trip, a medical bill or anything else, fill out our application today to see how much you can borrow.

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