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Title Loans Coconut Creek, Florida

If you’ve ever been in a financial bind where you needed a small loan fast in order to pay your utilities or buy groceries, then you know how the major banks fall short in this regard. SunTrust, which is one of the major financial institutions in the region, doesn’t even consider small personal loans, and banks don’t even have a lending mechanism in place that doesn’t involve an in-depth application process.

Title loans in Coconut Creek are a financial product that fills this need. These are secured loans, which means that the lender is ensured repayment. That means that the lender, unlike Bank of America and Bank United on Coconut Creek Parkway, can process your loan in just minutes and without the hassle of a long application process, credit checks, background screening and so forth. Using car as collateral for a loan lets you choose an amount and repayment schedule that make sense for you. That means that if you just want a $100 to get you through to the end of the week, you can do that and not have to worry about paying interest over a long period as a traditional loan would require.

Title Loans Coconut Creek: How to Apply on Loan Cheetah

Loan Cheetah makes it easy to apply for a title loan online. All you’ll need is:

  • Your name and zip code
  • A phone number and/or email address
  • The make, model and year of your vehicle
  • Any special trim designation
  • An odometer reading or estimated mileage

With that information in hand, you’ll find the short form on the Loan Cheetah homepage:

  • Select the year, make, model and style of your car or truck.
  • Enter the estimate mileage or odometer reading.
  • On the next page, enter your name, cell number, email address and zip code.
  • Check the box to agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Click Submit to complete the process.

You’re finished! That really is all there is to it. You’ll receive a car title loan estimate on the Loan Cheetah website within seconds. At your convenience, you’ll then be contacted by a title loan specialist. He or she can answer any questions you have about title loans in Coconut Creek and, when you’re ready, guide you through completing the loan process and getting money in hand.

Legal Regulations on Coconut Creek Title Loans

Like many states, Florida has laws that govern title loans in Pompano Beach and throughout the surrounding areas. These laws are in place primarily to ensure that lenders don’t exploit people in need. All lenders must be licensed by the state and must meet certain obligations in order to maintain that license. There are also restrictions on the number of short-term loans that you can take out in any one 30-day period. Title loans are restricted to a 30-day initial period and up to one 30-day extension period. Interest rates are also limited:

  • 30 percent on the first $2,000 you borrow
  • 25 percent on any additional money up to $3,000
  • 18 percent on any money above $3,000

How Title Loans Can Benefit You

Title loans in Coconut Creek give you access to money fast without the hassle. In fact, most title loans process in less than 15 minutes. You can get these loans whether you have bad credit or no credit at all. Your background doesn’t matter, and acceptance won’t be contingent upon how much money you make. More importantly, although you do use your car or truck as collateral, you keep it throughout the loan so that you can continue to run errands, go to work or pick the kids up from school.

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