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Title Loans in Dalhart, Texas

It's a good idea to always have a backup plan for a source of fast cash even if you have a good job at the Union Pacific Railroad, Coon Memorial Hospital or the Hilmar Cheese Company in Dalhart. With an uncertain economy, health care changes and reductions in weekly schedules, you can never be certain that you'll still have a job or the same earnings. However, knowing that you have a backup source like title loans Amarillo can make all the difference. For instance, if you find your work hours are suddenly reduced one week, you could find the extra cash you'll need in a small short-term car title loan. The neat thing about title loans in Dalhart is that you don't have to state the purpose for a loan, and you can use the money for whatever you need. You can use the cash to cover lost wages, medical bills, pay for car gas or make your rent this month. Applying is free, and applicants receive an instant loan estimate advising them of how much cash they stand to receive when their loan is approved. Loans on pink slips are easy to get and pay out in a day or less.

Flexible Repayment Plans for Title Loans in Dalhart

Some lenders only offer a few repayment plans, but we make sure you have several choices. Everyone has different financial needs, expenses and lifestyles that need to be considered when choosing a repayment plan. We'll work with you and offer helpful recommendations. We can set you up with a short-term loan, a long loan with a repayment period over years or somewhere in the middle. You should come out with an affordable plan, which is manageable for your monthly income.

Securing Title Loans in Dalhart

Our process requires that loans are secured with collateral. We require approved borrowers to pledge their vehicles as security for car title loans. This helps to ensure that borrowers make timely payments and pay off their loans in full. However, it also provides borrowers with a few advantages.

Secured loans entitle borrowers to larger loan amounts, which could be a bonus if you would like more cash. There is also a good chance that you'll get a lower interest rate on the loan. Lower interest rates usually mean smaller loan payments, which is always beneficial to the majority of customers.

A Few Requirements for Qualifying

  • Income is a requirement for obtaining auto title loans. We are flexible when it comes to a variety of income sources. We can accept income from full or part-time jobs, self-employment income, retirement income like Social Security, several government benefits like unemployment and disability, commission income and more.
  • References are used to confirm that you are reliable and likely to follow through with loan payments.
  • A working vehicle that is driveable.
  • A clear vehicle title, which means there are no creditors or lenders of any kind listed on the title.
  • You can use your driver's license or a Texas identification card to confirm you are old enough to take out an auto title loan, which is 18.

How to Apply for Vehicle Title Loans

If you are interest in applying for car title loans in Dalhart, you can complete our simple online application or speak with a loan specialist on the phone who will take down your application information. We need the following information:

  • Your full name, telephone number and zip code.
  • A mileage estimate and the age, make, model and style of your vehicle.

Whether you need help with a financial emergency today or months from now, you can count on title loans in Dalhart for fast cash.

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