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Title Loans DeBary, Florida

With title loans DeBary, you can get a short-term loan in a matter of hours. If you’re facing late fees on the rent, need emergency car repairs done, or have run into another difficult situation, Loan Cheetah may provide you with a viable, cost-effective solution. Secured auto loans can be obtained on most cars that are paid in full, and they may even be available on vehicles where only a small balance is owed. The loans are easy to apply for, and you’ll have an opportunity to review all pertinent information before accepting the terms. You don’t have to worry about negative credit because these loans are based on your vehicle's equity rather than your credit score, so you can even apply if you’ve been in bankruptcy. The money will typically be in your account by the following business day, and the approval rates are very high. You’ll also retain possession of the car, so you’ll still be able to get around town while the loan is active. If you run into another hardship and need to have the loan extended, then you may be able to request an extension.

Application Process for Title Loans in DeBary, FL

Title loans Orlando are easy to apply for, and people throughout DeBary and the surrounding area have had success with this option. Applicants just need to follow the auto title loans application link online and provide the lender with some basic information. You’ll need to have the:

  • Year, make, and mileage of the vehicle to be used as collateral
  • Basic personal contact information for the applicant, including cell phone number and email

Consumers are encouraged to read the wireless policy, privacy policy, and terms and conditions before submitting the final application. It only takes a few moments to put together the basic information regarding the amount available, interest rate, and repayment terms. A loan representative will call the applicant back as soon as possible to discuss the terms and see if the individual is ready to proceed.

Consumer Protection Laws in Florida

The State of Florida does have specific rules and protections in place regarding title loans DeBary. The lenders are required to follow very specific rules governing the repossession, sale, and extra charges associated with any title loan. The agreements must be in writing and clearly state which titled asset will be used as collateral. Like a salvage title loan, they must also clearly state the finance charge, amount of all payments, annual percentage rate, and maturity date. There are also limits on the interest rate that can be charged, and interest rates for extensions may not exceed the initial interest rate approved.

In the event that payments are not made on title loans DeBary, the lender must provide the borrower with an opportunity to get their possessions out of the car, and it must be sold through a licensed motor vehicle dealer. Borrowers must be notified of the time, date, and location of the eventual sale, and a written accounting of all fees and reasonable costs associated with repossession must be provided to the borrower. Any excess sale proceeds are to be returned to the borrower within 30 days of the final sale date.

If you’re dealing with a tough financial situation and need some assistance, see what Loan Cheetah can do for you. These loans are the ideal solution for people who have no or poor credit and need immediate access to cash. They can be used to avoid evictions and late fees, or you can use the proceeds for important car repairs so that you won’t have to miss any time from work.

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