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A title loan, for those who have only heard of the concept in passing, is a type of quick and convenient option for those seeking a private loan for whatever reason they may have. In order to receive a title loan, however, one must own their vehicle or motorcycle in order to receive the fast cash. The entire process of applying for a loan and actually being accepted is relatively quick, as long as you own the vehicle and it has a lien-free title attached, you may use the working car or truck as a piece of collateral against the borrowed money, exactly like title loans in Dallas.

Many have probably heard horror stories of receiving a title loan due to the contract, the interest rates, and the repayment period. However, the horror stories tend to stem from small shops that spring up overnight. Big-name loan companies, such as Loan Cheetah has been offering title loans in Denison, TX for some time now, with only satisfied customers walking out of the front door on a daily basis. The terms of the contract are clear, easy to follow, and the repayment plan is straightforward and works with you and your needs where possible. Those wondering what is a title loan is should stop in to the nearest office and find out as soon as possible.

Applying for Title Loans Denison, TX

Applying for your very own title loan is an incredibly easy process when working with Loan Cheetah and their winning service. To begin the process, simply visit the official website and begin filling out the information requested. Such information will include:

  • The year of your vehicle.
  • The make of your vehicle.
  • How many miles you have on your vehicle.
  • Basic personal information - name, phone number, and zip code are all required for this particular section.

After you have completed the entire form with all of the required information, which only takes a few minutes to fill out in total, customers looking for online auto equity loans will receive a free car title loan estimate within a matter of minutes. To make things even better and more efficient, a trained loan representative will contact you at the number or email address you provided at their earliest convenience to go over any more details and to fully understand your situation and what you are seeking.

Regulations for Title Loans Denison, TX

As you may know, there are legal regulations surrounding title loans that ensure no one - neither the lender or the borrower - is harmed financially or legally through the acquisition of a title loan.

Under the Credit Services Organization Act, for which most title loan lenders register under, title loan companies can increase their annual percentage rates, or interest rates, depending on the situation.

In Texas, most borrowers will pay a fee of around $23 for every $100 they borrow on their title. These fees result in a high annual percentage rate (APR) of over 500%. This is why the title loan contract allows for a few months or years to repay the loan instead of requiring the money as soon as possible or upfront.


There are a few benefits to receiving title loans in Denison, such as:

  • Fast Money - Most borrowers will receive their loan the very same day of application.
  • Credit Check - Unlike a bank, a title loan does not require any form of credit check in order to lend money. This means those with bad credit still have options.
  • Collateral - Your vehicle will be used as collateral for the loan, but you may continue driving the vehicle during the repayment process.
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