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Title Loans Dodge City, Kansas

When you live in Dodge City and need some money, you have a few options. While you can stop by your bank, meet with a loan officer and start the paperwork necessary for a loan, the loan officer may turn you down because you recently lost your job, changed addresses or went through a divorce. Taking a cash advance out from your credit card can hurt your credit score, which makes it harder to borrow money in the future, and leave you struggling to make your minimum monthly payments. At Loan Cheetah, we offer another solution for locals.

Regarded as one of the most important cities in the Old West, Dodge City residents own and operate their own farms, work for the military and run their own companies. Though the cost of living in the city is low, you may still need money to take a trip west or to put down a deposit for you or your child to attend a local college like Newman University. We let you get money from your SUV, truck or car without selling that vehicle to someone else.

Title Loans Dodge City Applications Online

At Loan Cheetah, we are one of the only lenders with multiple offices in Kansas that lets you apply online. When you apply for title loan online, you do not need to present proof of income or even tell us if you have a job. We do not use your income to determine if you qualify for a loan because we use the value of your car. As long as you have a free and clean title in your name, you qualify.

Those hoping to get title loans in Dodge City can use our website or come into one of our offices to talk with our staff about getting a loan. If you use our site, we'll use the information you provide and call you to schedule an appointment in our office. Once we verify that your vehicle is worth a loan and you sign the loan contract, we hand over the cash.

Dodge City Lending Laws

After looking at what you need for a title loan, you can look at the laws that regulate how lenders can act in Kansas. State laws require that lenders offer open ended lines of credit instead of traditional title loans. We use your vehicle to secure that line of credit and base your credit line on the overall value of that vehicle. You will need to visit the DMV to obtain a copy of your title loan, or you can hand over the original copy to us.

Under Kansas law, we also have the right to tow your vehicle and become the legal owner. This only occurs when an individual stops making payments and refuses to work with us. We understand that circumstances can keep you from making a payment, which is why we'll work out a new agreement with you. If we do tow your car, we'll let you know up to three weeks beforehand.

Should You Apply for a Title Loan?

You should apply for title loans in Kansas anytime you need extra cash and don't want to deal with the bank. Our title loan no proof of income application lets you get a loan, even after losing your job or when you are between jobs. At Loan Cheetah, we know that even farmers and students may need some extra cash to get them through a hard time. With title loans in Dodge City, you'll have all the money you need until you can get back on your feet.

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