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Title Loans in Elgin, Texas

Have You Considered Car Title Loans in Elgin?

What do you do when you need money fast but you don't have good credit? Many of the residents in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas resort to begging friends and family members. Others sink to payday loans and pawning their valuable items. Now there's a better way. They're called vehicle title loans Austin and they're providing credit to people who have heard the word "no" so many times they've almost given up on getting credit.

What are vehicle title loans in Elgin? Sometimes called pink slip loans, these are no-credit-check loans that take the original title to a car you own as collateral. How much money you can borrow depends on how much your car is worth. While you pay off the loan, a lender like us will hold your title as security. If you refuse to make your payments and won't work with us, we have the right to take possession of the car and sell it. Luckily, this rarely happens. Once you finish paying off your loan, we'll return your title to you. It's as easy as that!

Qualifying for Title Loans in Elgin

Car title loans in Elgin are great credit options for people with:

  • poor credit
  • slow credit
  • bankruptcies
  • charge-offs
  • repossessions

Qualifying for one of our loans is easy and simple. The most important requirement is you must own a vehicle. The title has to be in your name and it must be free of liens.

The second most important qualification is you must be able to show that you can repay the loan. In most cases, this means having a job, but we've approved many loans for people who weren't working. As long as you have some sort of verifiable income, we can get you the money you need. Alternative forms of income can be:

  • disability
  • retirement
  • alimony
  • child support
  • structured settlement
  • unemployment

Just explain your situation to one of our friendly, professional loan representatives and he or she will work with you.

Apply for a Pink Slip Loan in Texas

You can begin the application for loans on pink slip right now, on our website. Start with our title loan estimator. By giving us basic information about your car and providing us with your name and contact information, you'll immediately get a quote. For example, let's say you have a 2010 Honda Accord with over 100,000 miles. As long as your car is in good condition, we can loan you as much as $3,670! Can an extra $3,670 help you?

If it can, it's time to finalize your application for title loans in Elgin. Here's the information we'll need from you to do that:

  • a copy of your driver's license (or state-issued I.D.)
  • proof of address (a bill or your lease will do)
  • proof of income
  • the original title
  • a list of personal references

Texas Title Loans Rules and Regulations

Title loans aren't legal in every state but they certainly are in Texas. Per our state's laws, you must be at least 18 years old and a legal U.S. citizen to qualify for our loans. We can accept the title to your car as well as trucks, boats, motorcycles and campers.

You must have the original title to apply. If you've lost your title, we can still help! Simply visit the Department of Motor Vehicles in Elgin or Austin (or the town nearest you) and apply for a duplicate.

Let Our Loans Help You!

Aren't you curious to see how much money you qualify for? Fill out our loan estimator now and find out! You can use the money in any way you see fit. Some of our customers pay off accumulated bills, buy school supplies for their children or go on vacation. Whatever you need the money for, we're here to get it for you as quickly and easily as possible. Apply today!

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This is a solicitation for a loan. This is not a guaranteed offer and requires a complete and approved application. Personal loan amounts are subject to consumer report data evaluation. Results and actual amounts may vary. Certain limitations may apply.

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