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Title Loans in Fate, Texas

Most people use Title Loans to pay massive purchases such as houses, vacation or vehicle. Some people even secure a loan to go to college. The current economic crisis has affected many people such that individuals with only perfect credit qualify to get bank loans. Title Loans in Fate, Texas is the best because it does not require any credit history whatsoever even when a title loan buyout occurs. Just like title loans Garland, the process is fast and quick. People get money the next day after completing the application process. This case is the main reason why many people referred to it as payday loans.

Benefits of Title Loans in Fate

  • The credit history of the borrower is not considered. They only use the vehicle as the security making it simple to be approved with right or wrong credit history. Most of the lender team gives those people loan on the pink slip that is worth more than they need.
  • The process is very straightforward and quick. The process of applying for the loan only takes less than one hour, and the money is already in your account. Once the lender team has accepted the application, you can get your loan the same day.
  • Borrowers can keep their car. After using your vehicle as collateral, you can drive it as usual as long as you adhere with the monthly repayments.
  • The interest's rates are quite lower than those lender teams in the bank's coffers because the car is a collateral, company charges a low-interest rate. The company gives a borrower a schedule to follow while repaying the loan. Also, Fate allows the truck and motorcycle apart from the vehicle as collateral.

How to apply for Title Loans in Fate, Texas

The process of application is rapid and simple

  1. Complete the online request form on their website. It is very quick, confidential and convenient. Also, in case anything is not clear in the application form, you can call lender team with their toll number which is free.
  2. Electronically sign after you are pre-approved. The team will call you immediately whether they have approved your loan or not. After that, you can sign the form electronically.
  3. The mobile loan agent deposits money into your bank account. Lender team deposit money to your bank account the next day.
  4. The process of repaying the loan starts. The lender group filed loan fees and the amount in your debited bank account.

The application form requires the following details

  • Social security number
  • Photo ID and government car`s license
  • Checking account number
  • Bank routing number

Legal considerations of Fate title loans

Auto title loans in Fate, Texas have real rules and regulations governing both the borrowers and lender teams.

  • The borrower must be at least 18 years of age
  • Proof of income, the lender team must ensure the borrower can repay the loan
  • The law enforcement units strictly ensure that the loan interest does not exceed 10%. The total repayment amount should not exceed 114%, and APR should not exceed 227%.
  • House Bill 2592 which comes into practice in 2012 gives borrowers protection. The law requires the lender team to provide disclosure of all fees, amount and interest rates.
  • The government must license the car title lenders and also regulate it. The state of Texas governs all the activities of title loans in Fate
  • Under State of Texas`s law, the lender repossesses the car or any other asset used as security if the borrower is late with the payment.

The residents of Fate are encouraged by the government to work with a good lender that understand how the title loans work. The lender should explain to the borrower how these laws work, and any other necessary disclosure before the two parties finalize the process.

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