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Title Loans Gardendale, Alabama

Money is a problem because you just don’t have enough. It’s not an everyday problem, just one that happens from time to time when you end up spending more money than you make. Perhaps your dog or cat got really sick, and that resulted in a huge vet bill. Perhaps you were the one who got sick and had to spend money on medicine. Maybe it wasn’t one big thing but several small things that put you behind. Whatever the cause, you discovered an amazing way to get out of the financial jam; title loans.

An online car title loan, like those offered through Loan Cheetah, make it easy to get money quickly. They are also easy to pay back, but sometimes things come up which make paying the loan back a challenge. The goods news for people experiencing this problem is that title loans in Gardendale can be refinanced to help you get back on track.

Title Loans Gardendale

A title loan is a loan given to an individual who offers their vehicle as security. A refinanced title loan has been restructured or changed in some way to give the borrower more time or more options to repay the debt.

Title Loans Gardendale Refinance Application

Because you are refinancing an active loan, the application process is different because you have two options. The first is to contact the holder of your loan and explain that you are behind and can’t pay on time. Your lender will evaluate your loan to see if they can offer more time to repay the loan or if payments can be lowered to a more affordable number.

Your second option is to try title loan refinance through a different lender than the one who originated your loan. This option is usually done to try and get a better interest rate or loan offer. Start by contacting the new lender to see if this is an option. You may be required to complete a new loan application for a new auto title loan quote. If so, you may provide details about yourself and your vehicle, as well as proof of identification, proof of income and proof of full coverage auto insurance on the vehicle used as collateral. A new lender may also ask for reference and require you to have a checking account.

Not all loans are eligible for refinancing, so it’s best to contact Loan Cheetah about your options as soon as you feel it’s necessary.

Legal Information

Alabama law says all title loan applicants must be 19 or over. They must hold a clear title to a vehicle they own. Lenders must set loan terms from 10 to 31 days but do have the option to renew loans to give borrowers more time to repay them. Any borrower who becomes delinquent on a loan must be given 30 days to catch up on payments before a lender is allowed to repossess a vehicle.


Title loans in Gardendale are probably the easiest way locals have to get much needed cash in a hurry, and it comes without any hassle. Just think about all the extra time and paperwork is required to get a bank loan. Plus, if your credit is not good enough, you most likely won’t get the loan. Apply for a title loan and your credit won’t be check because it is not important. Another benefit of title loans in Birmingham and Gardendale is that when you pick up your loan money you can drive home in the same car you used to get the loan. That’s right! You get the loan and you get to keep your car.

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