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Title Loans Garland, Texas

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It can sometimes be difficult to understand everything having to do with title loans, but at their core they can actually be incredibly useful. Using title loans, Garland borrowers have the opportunity to get money when they really need it without having to wait or jump through the hoops of a bank loan.

This is because car title loans work in a very different way than long-term loans. They are short-term, meant to have a life of a couple weeks to a few months, and they are there to cover times when money is tight for a little while. Using auto title loans, Texas residents can pay off unexpected medical bills, educational expenses, or any unforeseen expenses that hit between now and your next payday.

When you get a title loan, your lender will hang onto your car’s title while you repay. Once your loan is paid in full, the title is returned to you without a hassle. They’re not solutions for long-term financial problems, but when you need money quick a title loan can be a great way to get cash in as little as 24 hours without jumping through too many hoops.

Title Loan News in the Metropolis

A landmark ordinance in Dallas is helping to keep disreputable lenders out of the city and protect borrowers’ rights. Check out more about how lenders are making their auto title loans Texas mandated safe and getting borrowers the cash they need.

Tarrant County suburb Arlington joins cities like Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio in creating local laws to make sure only legal title lenders are operating in the city. Read all about the small suburb’s fight to clear out loan shark and keep legitimate title loans as an option for town residents.

Title loan companies expand in the greater Dallas area to include a storefront in Garland, TX. See who came to town to get loans for Garland residents and how car title loans can get cash in your hands fast when you need a short-term financial solution.

Regulations and Recourse as a Borrower

Understanding your rights as a borrower is incredibly important to making sure you get the most out of your title loan. We are always a phone call away if you have any questions about how to navigate state and local policy, and we can even set you up with title loans Garland residents have come to trust, but there are a few basics to keep in mind as you get going. In Dallas and many Metroplex cities, there are some regulations regarding how lenders can operate. They vary from town to town, but almost always include:

  • Lenders must register with the city
  • A loan agreement must be issued including terms of repayment
  • Terms of repayment must meet local standards

All legally operating lenders should fit within those requirements. If a lender doesn’t meet those, then they are no longer a lender but a loan shark. Loan sharking is illegal, and should be reported immediately to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You may also want to contact local law authority to file a report for further investigation:

Chief of Police for Garland: Mitch Bates

Garland Police Department Non-Emergency Phone Number: (972) 485-4840

It’s always best not get involved with a disreputable lender from the beginning. We can help Garland borrower find a safe, reputable lender to help get them the title loan money they need. If, however, you already have a loan with a lender you believe is abusing your rights, you may need to contact a debt or consumer protection attorney.

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