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Title Loans in Granbury, Texas

Introduction To Title Loans In Granbury

Did you know that you can get a loan for car title in Granbury? It's true. title loans Fort Worth and Granbury Texas are a common form of short-term loan that allows you to get a loan based on the value of your car. We specialize in this form of loan because we believe that even bad credit borrowers need a way to fight back against unexpected financial emergencies. If you need money for car repairs, utility disconnection notices, or any other emergency, title loans in Granbury are a great way to get that cash in your bank account fast.

How To Get Title Loans In Granbury

The first question on your mind might be how to apply for these loans. Well, we have a simple format for you to follow. Enter your information: Name, phone, and zip code. Then tell us about your car: Make, model, year, and mileage. From this small amount of information, we will give you an estimate on how much loan money we can offer you. If it's enough to meet your needs, all you have to do is speak with one of our loan specialists and agree to the repayment terms. Once that's done, you sign electronically and the funds are deposited into your account, sometimes as early as the next day. Few lenders can afford to offer you the simplicity and fairness that we do.

Legal Information about Title Loans

Texas strongly regulates title loans due to their high interest rates and the risk of losing a valuable possession. Lenders can't charge more than 10% interest. It's our philosophy that you have a choice about where to get a car title loan. We offer competitive rates whenever we can that are even lower than those set forth by the state of Texas. We care about our customers and want you to feel like you're getting the fairest deal possible.

Renewals are also restricted for title loans. Once you've had your initial 30 days to pay, you can renew the title loan no more than 5 times. After that, it's time to pay up according to the state of Texas. Make sure your finances will allow you to repay in this period of time. You can speak with our loan specialists who can help you gauge if your finances permit you to actually repay a title loan.

Benefits Of Title Loans

Title loans in Granbury are one of the easiest types of loans to qualify for. Even if you have bad credit, you will qualify for a title loan as long as you are the owner according to your registration. Not only are title loans easy to qualify for, but they're the quickest loans around. In some cases, you can even have funds in your account the same day you apply. More often it's the next day that you receive your loans. Still, that's super fast, and if you need cash in a hurry then title loans are you best bet. Other benefits include:

  • The power to spend your funds how you like
  • The possibility of a better credit rating after you've repaid
  • The power to continue driving your car while you're repaying
  • The fact that you're going to get cash super quick

If these benefits of car title loans make you hopeful that they might be your answer, give us a call or fill out our application today. A loan specialist will get in touch with you and make you our next happy customer.

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