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Title Loans Greeneville, Tennessee

Convenient Title Loans Greeneville

Title loans come in a few different forms and types. You might borrow against the car that you drive to work every day, the commercial truck you use for your business or that motorcycle that you only ride on the weekends. Though some people think that title loans are only available for those who live in major cities, we also offer loans for those living in smaller towns like Greeneville. Home to just 15,000 people, this small town has its own historic district and a gorgeous downtown area filled with local shops. With one of our title loans Greeneville car owners can gain some extra cash for shopping at the Greeneville Commons or for a trip to nearby Knoxville.

Even if you do not have a traditional car title, we may still loan to you. There is something called a rebuilt car title. When you buy a salvaged vehicle that an insurance company writes off, fix up that vehicle and make it street legal again, you can acquire a rebuilt car title. Rebuilt car title loans let you borrow against that vehicle. Whether you apply for one of our loans online or in person, make sure you let us know if you have a standard title or a rebuilt title for your vehicle.

Title Loans Greeneville Applications

As we do not require that our borrowers pass a credit check, you qualify for one of our loans with bad credit or even no credit. We require that you have a clean title and that you do not owe anything or have any liens against your car. When applying for one of our auto title loans online, you just need to provide us with details about your vehicle, where you live and how you want us to contact you.

You will then need to present proof of your identity with a driver's license or government ID, show us your clean title and hand over a copy of your title. When taking out title loans Greeneville borrowers must also show proof of income. At Loan Cheetah, we offer benefits for those who need loans, including the ability to refinance title loan terms and a renewal of that loan.

Laws in Tennessee

At Loan Cheetah, we are proud that our local offices all follow Tennessee title loans. Tennessee limits lenders from charging fees of more than 1/5 the total value of the loan. If you borrow $2,000 from us, you'll pay fees of $400 or less. The state also gives lenders the right to charge an additional interest rate of 2% on the remaining balance due on the month, and it allows lenders to charge that rate each month. As you pay down your loan, you'll notice that you face less interest fees the following month. The Tennessee Title Pledge Act also gives borrowers the right to take out a maximum loan of $2,500.

Get Fast Cash

How do flex loans work is a common question that we get from prospective borrowers. A flex loan is essentially a type of renewable loan with an open line of credit. When you borrow from Loan Cheetah, we give you an amount based on the type and condition of vehicle you borrow against. As you pay down that loan, you can extend the amount you borrow and keep borrowing up to the total amount we offered you originally. We also let you take out a new loan or renew an existing loan to get extra cash in the future. For title loans in Knoxville, Greeneville and other parts of Tennessee, apply right here on our website.

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