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Improve Your Financial Situation Immediately with Title Loans in Heath

When you have unpaid bills and you're short on money, it can stress you out all day, every day. Fortunately, title loans Garland provide a short-term loan option that can give you the financial boost you need. These loans are known for having a very fast, simple application process. You could get your loan in less than an hour at the lender's office and still have plenty of time to hit the greens at Buffalo Creek Golf Club that same day.

Another convenient aspect of title loans in Heath is that there are no restrictions on how you use them. Many consumers put title loans towards sudden emergency expenses, such as car breakdowns off of Interstate 30 or home repair bills. But you could also use yours to go buy groceries or school supplies for your kids at the Costco up north in Rockwall. The way you use your loan is 100-percent in your hands.

Our Online Application for Title Loans in Heath

Even though the title loan application process is already convenient, we wanted to make it even easier. That's why we set up an online car title loans application, and you'll see that it's right here on the Loan Cheetah site and won't take more than a minute. You can get to the application by clicking on Apply in the header menu, and first, you'll need to select this info about your vehicle:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Body Style
  • Estimated Mileage

Other than that, we just need to get some basic contact info from you, including your name, your phone number, your ZIP code and your email address.

After you submit the form, we'll have a friendly Loan Cheetah representative contact you as soon as they can to ensure all your title loan questions are answered and to connect you with a nearby title loan company.

How Secured and Unsecured Loans Work

Although there are all kinds of loans out there, each loan will fit into one of two categories - secured or unsecured. If it's secured, then the borrower must provide a piece of property to be the collateral on the loan. If it's unsecured, the borrower only needs to provide his personal guarantee that he'll pay back what he borrows.

Title loans are a secured loan, and the collateral on them is the borrower's car. Your car's value determines if you get approved for the loan and the amount of money you're approved to borrow. You only need to give the lender your car title while you're paying back the loan, though. You keep your car, and upon repayment of the loan, you also get the title back.

The Most Flexible Loan Repayment

Speed is one benefit of title loans in Heath, but the flexibility of these loans is also very helpful. With your typical installment loan, you need to pay a set amount every time your payment is due.

With a title loan, there is an amount you're supposed to pay on your due date, but if you need to pay less, you can extend the loan. You do this by paying any interest and fees the loan currently has, but not the principal. This results in a much lower payment for you this time around, and then you can pay your original payment amount during the next term. Or, you can extend the loan again. In Texas, title loans can last up to 180 days. Once you reach that limit on yours, you must pay it back in full.

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