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Title Loans Hemet, California

Needing cash and not having it can put anyone into a frantic state, but fortunately, there are options. If you don’t need the money any time soon, you can get a second job or ask for more hours at work. If you need the money sooner rather than later, you can apply for a bank loan. However, if your credit is not good enough you may not be approved. Another option is asking those closest to you for a helping hand. Sometimes they have it and agree, sometimes they don’t have it to lend, and sometimes they just say no. One way that is an almost certainty is title loans. Apply for title loans in Hemet and you could have the money you need immediately.

Title Loans Hemet

Using a personally-owned vehicle as collateral for a personal loan is a title loan. You allow the lender to hold on to the title as security, and the lender loans you money. Because there is collateral, the risk is lower than it would be if the loan was based on a person’s credit score, so title lenders such as Loan Cheetah are more willing to take a chance on customer’s with bad credit. Typically, they don’t even bother to run a credit check. There is an extremely high approval rate for auto equity loans online.

Title Loans Hemet Application

Applications for title loans in Hemet are probably the shortest applications in the loan industry. Just tell Loan Cheetah the year, make, model, style and mileage of your vehicle. Then, tell us your name, email address and zip code, and give us a working phone number. We give you a loan quote and then call you to work out loan details. During the call, we get a bit more info about you, such as the source of income you need to pay back the loan, and you tell us the condition your car. We also set up a repayment plan and tell you when the money is available.

California Title Loan Laws

California law limits interest on loans under $2,500 to no more than 30 percent in a year, but loans over that amount are not subject to a maximum interest rate. Title lenders must be licensed by the state of California, and they must offer full disclosure to clients. Full disclosure includes the amount of any fees, the annual percentage rate of the loan and interest charges the borrower will pay.

Title Loan Benefits

By applying online and using the direct deposit option, you never have to see anyone in person about title loans in Riverside and Hemet. This is the perfect way to get a title loan when you need money fast but are also concerned about keeping your business private.

By getting a title loan, you avoid the embarrassment of approaching loved ones to bail you out of a jam. You also avoid the possibility that your friends and family don’t have any money to loan you, which means you are still in dire need of funds but now have less time to get it because you wasted time asking loved ones. By getting a title loan, you also avoid the word “no,” which many friends and relatives will say when asked for money.

Getting a title loan versus a bank loan means less paperwork, less time spent on the application process and less chance of being rejected. Title lenders have an extremely high approval rate.

Many people assume all short-term, small dollar loans are the same, but they are not. Title loan interest rates are competitive and lower than the rates on payday loans.

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