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Can You Get Auto Title Loans In Hereford Texas Without A Title?

If you live in Hereford, TX and need a little financial assistance, you might be surprised at how many different places you can go to find it besides just going to the bank or government assistance centers. There are many lending centers that do not have all the restrictions on them that most traditional lenders have, and one such place is our auto title loans in Hereford, TX company. What we do is connect customers with a lender near them who can give them cash for a vehicle known as an auto title loan that works like most regular loans, except it's completely secured by their vehicle's title and their personal income in some cases. The most important thing you need for Texas title loans is the vehicle title with no liens on it.

Why can't you take out auto title loans without title? Your vehicle is essentially used as collateral to cover the cost of a loan, but your vehicle title serves as that collateral so that you don't have to give up the vehicle itself and only need to give up the title. Also, the title loan lender needs to make sure that vehicle isn't stolen, so if the name on the title matches your ID, they know that the vehicle is in fact yours and they are issuing a loan to the actual owner of the vehicle.

How To Take Out Title Loans In Hereford, TX With Other Liens On Your Title

One important thing to know is that your vehicle is not fully owned by you if there are still lienholders listed on it's title. Auto title loans in Hereford cannot be issued to you until your title is completely cleared of these names and only has yours listed as the owner. If you purchased a vehicle by financing it and are making monthly payments on it, you'll need to know how much you have left to make on it, and once you pay it off you can then have all other lienholders removed from the title. If you're already no longer making payments, you should be able to contact the lienholders and your local DMV and have those liens removed for a small fee. Once you've done that, your vehicle title will have a new lien placed on it when you receive title loan funds. Once you repay an auto title loan, that lien will be taken off and you'll get your title back.

Other Details You'll Need For Title Loans In Hereford, TX

Most vehicles new and old can qualify for online title loans Amarillo, but your vehicle should not be too old and beat up, and the newer it is and better shape it's in, the higher the loan you're likely to get with it. So our online application records your vehicle's make, model mileage and year to give you an accurate estimate for it, and we'll then try to point you to a Hereford or Amarillo lender close to you that's got an offer closely matching that estimate. They'll inspect your vehicle to make sure it's worth the loan, and you'll sign the paperwork indicating you understand how long your auto title loan lasts and that you'll pay it back on-time. You will need these documents to prove you're eligible for your loan:

  • Driver's license, military ID, permanent resident ID or other photo ID that proves you're 18 or older and live in Texas
  • One other statement such as bank statement, lease copy, utility bill or paycheck that can also verify your physical address and possibly prove income

The approval process usually goes quick and easy, and in some cases you can receive your title loan cash the same day. There's also no credit or bankruptcy check since your auto title loan is secured.

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