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Title Loans in Hermitage, Pennsylvania from Loan Cheetah

There is an old expression that says donít count your chickens before they hatch. It just means you should not assume something is going to happen and make decisions based on that assumption. Those are not sound decisions, but people make them all the time when it comes to money. A good example is an employee who gets a raise and starts spending money. Unfortunately, the raise doesnít kick in for a few weeks or months, and now the employee is in a bind. Theyíve overspent and canít return their purchases. What are they to do? They can try to borrow the money from friends or family, try to get a bank loan or pawn some things. Or, they can try an even easier way by applying for title loans Hermitage.

Title Loans Hermitage

Just about everyone who is at least 18 years old can qualify for title loans Hermitage. All they need is to own a car free and clear and have an income. Loan Cheetah wonít check your credit. They donít need to because itís not a factor. The car will secure the loan. Borrowers just need to complete the online title application and be ready to accept the loan money.

Title Loans Hermitage Application

Start the application process by making sure you qualify for an auto title loan. You need to be 18 or over and own a vehicle with no liens. Next, through our simple online application, just tell us the vehicle specs; year, make, model, mileage and style. Then, tell us your name, email address, zip code and phone number. On the application, check the box that says youíve read our terms and click submit. There is also an option box to check if you want us to contact you by text message.

Once you submit the application for your auto equity loan, you get an estimate and a phone call from one of our loan agents. We can answer your questions and work out the loan details, such as a repayment schedule and how to get the money to you. Itís up to whether you want to pick up the money at one of our partner locations or have it direct deposited into your bank account.

Pennsylvania Laws

While Pennsylvania does not have specific laws related to the title loan industry, title loan businesses are subject to the stateís usury statute. This statute governs auto title loan interest rates on loans of $50,000 or less. Title lenders are also allowed to charge additional fees associated with the loan.

Title Loan Benefits

There are many benefits to getting title loans in Pittsburgh and Hermitage, such as keeping your car while you repay the loan. That way you are not stranded and forced to find transportation to work and other places. Other benefits include the fast application and approval process and not having a credit check, which means anyone with a car can apply and likely be approved. Sometimes the benefits of title loans are specific to lender.

Loan Cheetah Benefits

  • We donít charge extra fees for your application or processing.
  • We donít charge a penalty if you choose to pay your loan off early.
  • We offer flexible repayment plans that allow you to repay the loan anywhere from a few weeks or months to years.
  • We work with you on the payment amount. If you are struggling to pay the amount we originally set up, let us know so we can restructure the loan and make your payments lower.
  • We are flexible about your source of income. We donít care if your income is from your place of employment, unemployment compensation, child support, disability or another source.
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This is a solicitation for a loan. This is not guaranteed offer and requires a complete and approved application. Title-secured loan amount subject to vehicle evaluation. Results and actual amounts may vary. Certain limitations apply.

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