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Title Loans in Homewood, Alabama from Loan Cheetah

Last month was amazing. This month, there is a crisis and you don’t have enough money to solve the problem. Maybe the crisis is minor and can wait, such as when a washing machine dies. You can hold off on getting a new one by taking your clothes to the laundromat. Maybe the crisis is a bit more intense, such as when someone gets sick. The illness might not require a hospital stay, but those doctor’s visits and prescription costs are really adding up. Insurance paid some of the bills, but not everything. Now, all that extra cash flowing to the healthcare industry means some of your bills could be late. You need more money, and you need it now. Unfortunately, your options for quick cash are limited, unless you consider an easy option. Title loans in Homewood are fast, simple and available now.

Title Loans Homewood

Title loans in Homewood are similar to traditional loans in that a person applies for a loan, but they differ in so many other ways. To get a title loan, you just need to be an adult who owns a car and is willing to use that car as loan security. Bank loans are far more complicated, and approval is tied to the borrower’s credit history. Loan Cheetah is not interested in you payment history so we don’t need to do a credit check.

Title Loans Homewood Application

Auto title loan online applications require just a few keystrokes to let Loan Cheetah know who you are and what kind of car you have. We need a working phone number so we can contact you. After you complete the application, you get a title loan quote. Then, we call you to get a little more information from you, such as a source of income to repay the loan and details about the condition of your car. Then, we finalize loan details, such as your payment dates. We hold onto your lien free title, and you get the money. You can also get a rebuilt car title loan through Loan Cheetah.

Alabama Legal Information

Title loans, also known as title pawn in Alabama, must be for a period of at least 10 days and no more than 31 ones. Borrowers do have the option to roll their loans over or renew them. Lenders have no limits on the amount of money they can offer customers. If a borrower gets behind on payments and is in danger of having their vehicle repossessed, the lender must give the borrower 30 days to bring the account current. All title loan borrowers must be at least 19 years old. Titles must be either lien free or rebuilt to use as loan security.


People apply for car title loans in Birmingham and Homewood because they need money, so getting that need met is obviously the biggest benefit of title loans. The second biggest benefit has to be convenience. Applying is quick, and being approved is quick. There is no credit check, so the likelihood of being rejected is almost zero as long as the applicant owns a vehicle and has a source of income.

Many people assume title loans are just for people who are low income or have bad credit, but because the loans are so easy to get, they are appealing to more and more people from various economic backgrounds. Certainly, there are people applying for title loans who can get a bank loan, but why go through that process when title loans are so much easier and more convenient. Bank loans require a credit check, more paperwork and more time to process. Title loans are typically applied for in minutes and completed in hours.

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