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How To Take Out $1,000 Or More With Vehicle Title Loans In Horizon City, TX

A couple thousand dollars can be hard to come by sometimes, and there's times you might need that money such as for medical or dental procedures, having a major home repair such as plumbing or HVAC work performed or maybe you need that money to take you or someone special on a vacation that you need. However, sometimes getting that extra thousand dollars can be a time-consuming or even grinding task. Not too many banks or even independent lending organizations have options specifically for taking out loans for recreational reasons or short-term purposes, but there are some loans that don't even take your reasons into account. Those are vehicle title loans in Horizon City, TX.

If you're worried about having to dig up a bunch of financial documents and spend hours in an office making your case to a lender about why they should loan you money, rest assured you won't have to deal with any of that with any of our car title loans El Paso. The things you'll need are just your vehicle, it's title and a few other small documents needed for identity and vehicle ownership purposes. What you'll be doing is getting money for your vehicle without having to sell it.

The Basics Behind Vehicle Title Loans In Horizon City, TX

Vehicle title loans in Horizon City, TX are a little bit like pawn shop loans because you pledge an item up for collateral, in this case your vehicle and are given 30 days to repay the cash you're given for it. But the lender only takes your vehicle title so that you can keep your vehicle. Your vehicle is appraised beforehand so that the lender knows how much they can give you while limiting the risk in case something were to happen that would drop the vehicle's value dramatically. Generally you can expect to borrow about maybe half the vehicle's value, though it all depends on its current condition. But usually you can borrow more with vehicle title loans than you can with pawn loans or payday loans.

Making Sure The Title Is In Your Name Prior To Applying For Vehicle Title Loans In Horizon City, TX

One of the most basic laws of car title loans is that you must have the title in your name, and you must not have any lienholders on it when you bring it to a title loan lender. That's because your vehicle becomes collateral in a title loan, and liens on it means there is still a security interest in it from other parties that prevents you from doing that. If you had your vehicle financed to purchase it, all liens should be removed once you finish your payments, but in some cases you may need to head to the DMV and have them erase the liens and issue a new title. Once you do that you should be all set.

What Else You Need For Our Title Loans

We have quick title loans online that are half done by the time you fill out our title loan quotes, but you need to make sure you have a couple other documents in addition to your title. Those documents are the following:

  • Photo ID showing you are 18 or older, and it must be from the government such as a driver's license
  • A document that shows you have income or reflects it such as a regular bill, lease, bank statement or paycheck stub

Once you've completed the online form and have your documents, you'll visit the lender to finish the paperwork, which should only take a matter of minutes. And then usually in the same day, you'll receive your title loan.

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