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Title Loans Huber Heights, Ohio

People looking for title loans in Huber Heights are hard-working people. Maybe they work in the city's trucking industry. Or maybe they wait tables at the local restaurant. Or maybe they're stay-at-home moms. But what they all have in common is that they need money fast, and they can't wait until payday for the cash they need.

Here at Loan Cheetah, we totally understand the work ethic of the people here in Huber Heights. We know that getting title loans online is a better alternative for them than say borrowing from friends and family. We understand that sometimes a series of calamitous events brought them to where they are today. Maybe even you fit that category.

No matter why you seek out title loans in Dayton/ Huber Heights, we've got you covered. Perhaps your finances have been beaten up by a recent job change. Or maybe you broke your wrist playing softball and now need to pay the doc-in-box place where you got it fixed up. Or it could be that you just need to get away for a while and sit on a lake somewhere. The good news is that no matter why you come to us for money, we can help.

Title loans are collateral loans in the same way your home mortgage is a collateral loan. Most people don't think of it that way, but it's true. In the case of a title loan, your car's title is the security or collateral for a cash loan. Because you have collateral, that also means that we don't do a credit check. Your car is enough for us.

That said, if you've had a bankruptcy or some other kind of serious financial decline, paying back a title loan counts as a simple, but effective way to bring your credit back up to par.

We'd love the chance to connect you with the cash you need today. Continue reading this page to get the scoop on how our online application works. (Don't worry. It's way easy!)

Title Loans Huber Heights: Our Online Application

In the age of the Internet, the loan-application process has gone online. This is fortunate for people who don't have a lot of time or who'd like to keep their loan on the QT. It's meant to be simple enough to handle on your phone or your PC. Here's how you get started.

We'll need:

  • Your name
  • Number
  • Zip
  • Your car's type/make/model
  • Its year
  • The current mileage on it

Filling in this part takes just a couple of minutes. You'll get an estimate from us once we get your application information and our software has time to calculate a quote for you. This number represents the rough amount of cash we'll be able to loan to you, based on the value of your car.

We also don't leave you hanging. Sometime after you've had a chance to look over your estimate, your loan rep will ring you up. He/ she is assigned to you. He/she will give you a hand in finalizing your loan. You can also find out from him/ her when your money will be in hand. (Usually the same day, often the same hour)

Title Loans Huber Heights: Legal Considerations

When you get your loan contract, you'll notice a couple of features right off the bat. These include:

  • How much you are to pay for each payment
  • The date you'll pay off your title loan
  • Your loan's interest rate/s
  • How long you're contracted to us
  • And other financial considerations

This information is in your title loan paperwork in compliance with title-loan laws in Ohio and on the national level. Title loans in Ohio are only given out in adherence to these laws and regulations. If you have questions about how these affect you or the loan, don't hesitate to ask. These rules are on the books for the good of the people taking out title loans.

A Final Word On Why It Pays to Borrow From Us

  • We work with all types of borrowers. We love helping people get the money they need to fund their dreams, to pay off old and new debts, and to refurbish a bad credit score.
  • Borrowing money from us and paying it back in good faith over time counts as one of the quickest ways to add good points to your credit score.
  • Apply online using your phone or your computer. It's fast, convenient, and private.
  • A local loan rep will take care of the last parts of your loan application. He/she will also let you know when to expect your money.
  • Title-loan companies work in conjunction with state and federal laws to protect the borrower.

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