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How Title Loans in Jarrell Texas Can Help You

You never know when you'll be dealing with a sudden expense, and even though an emergency fund can help, you may not have had enough time to save up the thousands of dollars that car repairs, home repairs and medical bills can cost. No matter what it is that's put you in a financial predicament, title loans in Jarrell can help you out.

Maybe your car just broke down and you need money to get it fixed because you commute from Jarrell to Austin every day for work. Or perhaps your children are in the Jarrell Youth Sports League and equipment costs are more than you originally anticipated. The best thing about title loans Killeen is that there are no restrictions on how you use your loan money. Once you get your loan, that money is yours to do whatever you want with it.

Applying Online for Title Loans in Jarrell

Title loans are known for having a quick, simple application process, but here at Loan Cheetah, speed is the name of our game. We wanted to make that application process even faster, which is why we set up our online application for title loans in Jarrell. You can start the application on our Apply page, and first, you'll need to go through a few buttons to select the following info about your car:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Style
  • Approximate Mileage

The final step after that is punching in the following contact info:

  • Your full name
  • Your cell phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your ZIP code

That's all the info we need to get from you. With that, not only can we come up with a free title loan estimate, but we can also connect you with a title loan company nearby. We'll have one of our helpful loan reps follow up with you to provide the info on a lender near you.

Difference Between Secured and Unsecured Loans

If you're familiar with loans, you may know that there are secured and unsecured loans. The distinguishing characteristic between these two types of loans is whether the loan has a piece of property attached as collateral or not. With title loans, your car is the loan collateral, making it a secured loan. Unsecured loans, such as online signature loans, have no collateral attached and may also have higher interest because of that.

Title Loan Regulations

Besides an age minimum of 18, the federal government doesn't have many title loan regulations and instead leaves those up to the states. Title loans Killeen follow the regulations set by Texas.

The state hasn't put a limit on title loan amounts, which means the amount you can borrow will depend only on the value of your car and what the lender is willing to loan you. It has capped title loan interest rates at 10 percent, although you should keep in mind that it is possible for title loans to have additional fees.

Texas sets title loan term limits at 180 days. Since title loans are short-term loans, most lenders will opt for 30-day terms. The nice thing about this is repayment terms are very flexible. If you can't pay off the title loan on the due date, you can pay a smaller amount to extend the loan into a new term. If your loan term was 30 days, you can do this up to five times before you need to pay the loan in full because of that 180-day limit. This gives you a simple alternative to avoid defaulting on the loan.

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