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Title Loans in Jollyville, Texas

In the recent past have you had financial problems? For instance, it is in the middle of the month, and you require money. What did you do? Maybe you found yourself selling some of your assets to get rid of the problem. No more should you dispose of your assets when in need of money. We have all the solutions you require in title loans in Jollyville. The long queues in the banks, a lot of paperwork required to give and a long time to wait for you to get the loan. No more should it stress you, in Killeen online title loans you will get your loan as fast as possible. There are no delays, as to whether you qualify for the loan, as long as the details provided were correct, you will be sure of getting the loan. Besides on the documents, we need to be sure that you are the rightful person who owns the property given, for instance, if it is a car we need the logbook and your national id to verify the real owner of the car.

How to apply for Car Title Loans in Jollyville

As long as you are in possession of a car, you are good to get the loan in our firm. Avoid the long ques in the banks and extended waiting period for you to acquire the loan. Just fill simple questions and wait for a confirmation message of the loan while at home. Regardless of your location, you are sure of acquiring the loan. Some of the steps involved while applying for car title loan in Jollyville includes

  • Fill the application form: Give us some of your vehicle's details, including its model year, estimated mileage, make and some of the contact data.
  • Provide car's logbook: The car's title provided should be the correct one. By uploading the car title, it gives us an opportunity to verify whether the title is clean or not. Note if your title of the car isn't clean we can't process your loan.
  • Receive your money: After scrutinizing your car title and finding it is clean, we proceed and process your loan. Visit one of the car title loans in Jollyville branch and collect your cash.

Legal regulations about title loans in Jollyville

There is an interest rate of 10% on title loans. The average cost of a title loan is 114% APR.

Fees and Interest disclosure: The borrowers are protected by the House Bill 2592.The bill requires the lending party to give more information on the fees and the interest of the loan to the borrower. Under this bill, credit access business (CAB) ought to give the consumer the Finance Commission which includes the following: the APR of the loan, interest, and fees applicable.

Car Title loans firms should be licensed: This regulation act is in the House Bill 2594.It requires that any title loan service provider in Texas should be licensed and regulated by the state.

Car title loan repossession Act. This act provides that the lender can repossess the vehicle if the borrower has not paid the loan back. In the event, the borrower is unable to meet the due date for even a day the lender has all right to repossess the car. In the event the borrower fails to pay back the loan, the lender can sell the vehicle.

The difference between unsecured and secured loans.

A secured loan is a loan that you are required to give an asset to the lender on the application of the credit. An example of secured loan is title loans. The asset requested by the lender includes a house if it is a mortgage loan and car logbook if it is in the car. The asset serves as collateral. If you are unable to pay back the loan, the lender can repossess the asset.

The unsecured loan is a type of a loan that you are not asked to provide any of property by the bank. Examples of unsecured loans include student loan and personal loans.

Anytime you are in need of money, and you are tired of the long procedure of acquiring loans in banks, consider obtaining it from Title Loans in Jollyville as there are no lengthy procedures and waiting duration.

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