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Title Loans in Keene, Texas

Consumers should never make the incorrect assumption that they can't get financing they need when they need it. There's always a solution out there if you look hard enough. If you've been thinking all this time that your low credit score or absence of a credit history makes a loan in possible, it's time to reexamine the situation.

In fact, you may find that it's possible to qualify for a loan thanks to the fact that you own a vehicle. You can get out a car title loan online if you own a vehicle and have a vehicle titled in your name.

Title loans in Keene: How it works

The process begins with an application. This is true for most loan processes, but the application is a little distinct when it comes to title loans in Keene. The major distinction with this type of title loan is that it involves some inquiries into what type of vehicle the borrower has. The vehicle is used as collateral on the loan, so the value of the vehicle that the borrower owns is an important consideration in the eyes of the lender. Details about the vehicle that will need to be provided when the application is filled include how many miles are on the vehicle, who manufactured the vehicle, and what model the vehicle is.

The entire application can be accessed online and filled out and sent in in very little time. After the application is submitted, it's very quickly analyzed and a decision is made. If a loan can be offered, the details of the loan including how much it is for and how much in interest charges it will entail will be sent to the prospective borrower. The applicant can then decide whether he or she wants to take out the loan in question or not.

Texas law in relation to title loans in Keene

Each state can make its own laws about how title loans are handled. In Texas, there are two important limitations that borrowers need to be aware of before they apply for Fort Worth car title loans. One limitation placed on these loans by the state of Texas is that no more than 10 percent interest can be charged. Another limitation is that the loan term can only last for a period of 180 days or less. Otherwise, there is no limit on the overall amount for which this type of loan can be offered. The loan amount is left to the discretion of the lender.

Knowing the basic factors you need to be aware of

That's not all. There are some more important things you need to understand before you get started. The following are four key factors to be aware of:

  • Loans are secured with collateral- The vehicle of the borrower is technically collateral on the loan. That being said, the borrower continues to use the vehicle throughout the life of the loan and only needs to handle over the title and not the keys to the vehicle.
  • The title ideally won't have any liens- Liens on a title indicate that the owner of the vehicle is making payments on a loan that was used to purchase the vehicle. If the vehicle owner has enough equity in the vehicle, the borrower can be approved even with a lien.
  • Title loans are distinct from payday loans- A payday loan requires the next paycheck to pay off the loan. A title loan has no bearing over the borrower's paycheck.
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