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Applying for loan in banks is an arduous task because of its prolonged procedure. If you need cash instantly and can’t afford to postpone payment then bank loan is definitely not for you. Choose an option that fulfills your needs and title loans can be the best cash management resource in an emergency. If you have never tried title loan then do it now. Loan Cheetah offers numberless services in Killeen, Texas.

The reason for the loan could be anything. You may need small amount of cash immediately to pay your electricity bills or big amount for some major reason like health surgery. As you can’t holdup such expenses, you can’t wait for the banks’ decision to pass your loan. Title loan allows you to take cash on the same day you apply, in fact within 60 minutes they complete their formalities and let the borrower to walk away with cash loan.

Perfect Solution for People in Need of Cash in Killeen, TX

Title loans in Texas are helping people with low credit score by accepting and sanctioning their loan. If bank has rejected your application due to your financial record, then you might know how it feels going through such situation. But title loan lenders in Killeen, Texas have made their loan application procedure consumer friendly and they acknowledge the need and entertain every inhabitant of Texas.

Basic Documents You Need to Submit for Getting a Title Loan in Killeen

The principal ingredient in obtaining auto title loan in Killeen is Vehicle and then everything related to vehicle becomes essential. Title loan is basically a loan amount that you will get as per the worth of your vehicle, provided your vehicle is fully owned by you without any dispute in vehicle title. The other three documents that are required are:

  1. Vehicle Insurance
  2. License or any Photo ID
  3. Residential Proof

Once you hand over these documents, loan amount in cash will be given to you. But before that, a lender may require to inspect your vehicle. This is the first and most significant step since the worth of vehicle will be calculated here and equal to the value of your vehicle, a lender will offer you a loan.

You have legal rights to ask any question to a lender about the fee, interest rate, and his evaluation process. Discuss with him about all these including terms and conditions. Give the hard copy of your vehicle title to the lender. This will be used as collateral instead of your vehicle. Isn’t it amazing? Your normal life will not be disturbed; you receive the cash and solve your issues and can go to work using your car and from next month start paying off the loaned amount in installments or as you have decided in your agreement. Nothing can beat auto title loan when it comes to short term loan.

Enhance the Value of Your Vehicle

Vehicle title and other documents also play a vital role in determining the vehicle value. Keep them in good condition. If you don’t have them or have lost your title or need to renew some of those documents, you can do this from Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Contact them and apply for a new copy of vehicle title. They will send you the copy by mail.

Few Formalities to Obtain New Vehicle Title

  1. On the DMV website you will see form VTR-34, Application for a Certified Copy of Title. Fill it and submit it.
  2. Attach Valid Photo ID and pay $2 fees for mail-in. For fees, you can send them check or can pay by money order payable to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

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