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Sometimes you run low on money because you spent more than you earned. Sometimes you run low on money because of unexpected expenses, and sometimes you run low on money because the prices of things you normally buy have gone up. You have not changed anything in your life, but the cost of living has moved beyond what you can afford. Thatís life. Millions of people experience the same problem, and they are all looking for a way to make ends meet. Letís say your solution is to cut back or cut out some things. That solves the money problem going forward, but recent expenditures put you in a hole. How do you solve that issue? Have you considered a title loan?

Title Loans Kingston

Even though title loans have been a legitimate part of the lending industry for decades, only about one percent of people make use of them. That means most people donít know what title loans Kingston are. If they did, they would realize what a great opportunity is right in front of them and take advantage of them.

A title loan is just getting a small loan and using your car as security. Loan Cheetah and other title lenders can offer these loans virtually risk free because of the vehicle used as collateral.

Applying for Title Loans Kingston

Applying for auto equity loans is a simple process where you supply Loan Cheetah with your name, phone number, email address and zip code. We also need your car specs because the value of your car is how we determine how much money to offer you. After submitting your application for title loans Kingston, you will get a loan estimate and a phone call from one of our loan representatives. We need to chat about your repayment schedule, how to get the money into your hands and other details such as our competitive auto title loan interest rates.

To qualify for one of our loans, you just need to be of legal age and have a car. Having a free-and-clear title is excellent, but Loan Cheetah may be able to offer a title loan without a title.

Pennsylvania State Law

Title lenders must abide by Pennsylvania usury statutes, which determine the maximum interest rates allowed per year for small loans. Even lenders operating outside of Pennsylvania must abide by state law if the borrower is a Pennsylvania resident.


  • No credit check. Those three words sum up so much that is wonderful about title loans in Scranton and Kingston. First, there is no need for a credit check because title loans are secured by your ownership of a car. That means everyone who owns a car automatically qualifies. No credit check also means your score wonít drop just because it was checked. Most people donít know that every time a lender inquires about their creditworthiness, your score potentially drops three to ten points. Itís called a hard inquiry and implies to credit bureaus that you are looking for new credit. Bureaus consider new credit an added risk.
  • Easy to get. Easy to pay off. Title lending is designed to help people who want a convenient method of getting extra money and to help people who are often rejected by traditional lenders. Title lenders understand the need for emergency cash and have streamlined the process to help customers get it pronto. Title loans are short-term, meaning you pay them back quickly. Many times the loan term is about one month, but lenders are willing to work with borrowers to restructure loans and create a repayment schedule that works for everyone involved.
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Title Loan Disclosure

This is a solicitation for a loan. This is not a guaranteed offer and requires a complete and approved application. Title-secured loan amounts are subject to vehicle evaluation. Results and actual amounts may vary. Certain limitations may apply.

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This is a solicitation for a loan. This is not a guaranteed offer and requires a complete and approved application. Personal loan amounts are subject to consumer report data evaluation. Results and actual amounts may vary. Certain limitations may apply.

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