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Title Loans Kirkwood, Missouri

Title loans in Kirkwood are one of the easiest ways to get cash fast. They are small loans paid back over a short time period, and the owner’s vehicle acts as collateral. The reason people get title loans is simple; they need money now.

Nearly every person has faced a situation where they needed more money than they had on hand. These financial crises often come about suddenly because of something unexpected, such as a medical expense or losing a job. Not having money for monthly bills is bad the first month, but every subsequent month without enough money creates a financial hole it’s very hard to escape from. No matter how it happens, when there is not enough money to pay the bills, a car collateral loan is a great way to solve a short term money crisis.

Some people try other alternatives, such as borrowing money from friends or family. Sometimes that is an option, but many times, this type of borrowing puts a strain on or even damages relationships when the lender expects the money paid back sooner than the borrower planned to pay. With a title loan, there are no personal feelings involved and a repayment plan is established from the start.

Application for Title Loans Kirkwood

Applying for a title loan is quick and easy, especially when going through a lender like Loan Cheetah. When applying for online title loans through the site, supply the vehicle’s year, make and model, as well as its style and estimated mileage. Once that is typed in, provide a name, zip code, cell phone number and email address. The entire process takes mere minutes. After inputting the information, a pre-approved dollar amount is shown on screen along with an application identification number, a phone number to call and finalize the deal.

Legalities of Title Loans Kirkwood

Title loans are legal in Kirkwood, but lenders must be licensed by the state of Missouri. Loans are typically short term but can be for any length of time over 30 days. Borrowers who need more time to pay back the loan can get it renewed by submitting a written request to the lender and by paying any interest due on the original loan. If a borrower needs the loan renewed three or more times, the principal on the loan is reduced 10 percent. Loan amounts may not exceed 5,000 dollars.

Benefits of Car Title Loans in Kirkwood

Extremely Fast

From filling out an application to approval and getting the cash, the title loan process is very fast, especially with a lender such as Loan Cheetah. Applicants approved for a title loan get the money within 24 hours.

Super Easy

The online application takes mere minutes. Applicants simply provide information about their vehicle and some personal contact information to get a loan quote. A few more minutes finalizing the deal with a loan representative and it’s done.

No Credit Check

Because the borrower’s car is collateral, there is no need for a credit check. That means bad credit is just as fine as good credit when it comes to getting a title loan.

No Secret Fees

There are no fees for the application and its processing. There are no hidden fees, such as prepayment penalties if the loan is paid off early.

Title loans in St. Louis and its suburbs, like Kirkwood, offer a convenient, easy and quick way to alleviate the burden of a financial crunch. Whether it’s caused by a medical emergency, loss of a job or an appliance or piece of equipment that’s broken, getting a title loan in Kirkwood may be the right option to solve the problem.

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