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Title Loans in La Crosse, WI

If you have been looking for a loan with a minimum repayment plan of 30 days or longer, you've come to the right place. Loan Cheetah specializes in short-term loans. Car title loans in La Crosse can offer immediate financial relief when you need extra cash for any purpose. They are even much easier to get compared to traditional loans because they don't have so many restrictions and requirements. Online title loans only require a bare minimum of documentation, and credit checks are never used for loan approval. Our quick and easy loan process makes it possible to receive your loan funds within a day of applying. Most traditional lenders don't even come close to this when paying out loan funds. As a borrower, you get to choose how you will spend the loan funds. There is no need to disclose why you want a loan. Loan funds are often the perfect solution for folks of all incomes, professions and ages to get the cash they need to improve finances, cover emergencies or help out with everyday expenses. If you hold the clear title to a running vehicle and have any source of income, you could qualify for quick cash today.

Basic Requirements Needed for Title Loans in La Crosse

Fortunately, auto title loans don't have a lot of document requirements, which makes it quicker for us to process loans and reduces stress for the borrowers. Listed below are the basic requirements needed for title loans Wisconsin:

  • The state of Wisconsin requires that loan borrowers must be old enough to take out a loan responsibly, which means you must supply proof that you are 18 years old or older. To meet this requirement, we can accept a Wisconsin identification card or your driver's license.
  • Some source of steady income is a requirement in order to make payments. Don't worry; Loan Cheetah is very flexible when approving income sources.
  • We require a few references to confirm your identity.
  • To process secured loans, interested applicants must have the paper copy of a clear title with no liens listed in the lien box. We will also be looking for your name as the legal owner of the vehicle in order to get a loan.

Looking at the Title Loan Benefits for Customers

  • Custom repayment plans for manageable payments.
  • No need to pass a credit check.
  • Fast cash for anything at all.
  • Generous loan amounts with good rates for consumers.
  • Local loan stores for your convenience.
  • Free services, which include applications, loan estimates and loan interviews.
  • No pre-payment penalties for paying off title loans in La Crosse early.
  • No vehicle inspections.

About Auto Title Loan Regulations

Vehicle title loans are legal in the state of Wisconsin. Luckily, borrowers are protected by vehicle title loan regulations, which look out for customer rights. In Wisconsin, loan amounts are capped at $25,000, or you could receive a loan offer of 50 percent of your vehicle's value.

Loan terms generally start at 30 days and can be extended as needed. Interest rates in Wisconsin are not capped. Lenders and borrowers generally come to an agreement on an acceptable interest rate for both parties.

How We Figure Your Loan Amounts

The current value of your vehicle is taken into consideration when figuring loan amounts. Of course, the more a vehicle is worth, the higher the loan amount. We also have to consider your income for making payments.

Checking out the Loan Process

  • Apply for title loans in La Crosse at your convenience.
  • Work with your loan representative over the phone to determine the best interest rate, payment amounts and repayment schedule.
  • Visit a local store to read and sign your contract to legalize your loan.
  • Collect your cash at the loan store and begin making your first payment according to your loan schedule.

When You're Ready to Apply for a Loan Today

  • Fill out a free application online or contact us by phone and we will take down your application information.
  • To fill in the required fields on an application for title loans in La Crosse, you'll need your name, zip code and phone number. Your vehicle information should include an estimate of your auto's mileage, the year it was made and the make, model and body style.
  • Immediately following the receipt of your application, you'll receive an auto title loan estimate.

Loan Cheetah has the fast cash you're looking for today with title loans in La Crosse.

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