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Title Loans Lakewood, California

Sometimes things do not go as planned. That is okay, unless the change of plans causes a problem, especially a financially one. If you plan ahead because you know there are likely to be unanticipated changes, you can just withdraw funds from your emergency account. But, how many of us can do that? We don’t have emergency accounts because our money goes for bills and groceries. So, when things do change and you need money, what do you do? A good place to start is by considering your options. Friends or family may lend you money, or you can get a loan from the bank. Good possibilities, but if you need the money fast, the bank is not a good idea. It’s also a long shot if you have crummy credit. Friends and family are a great resource as long as they have the money and are willing to lend to you. Why not consider a different option that is fast, convenient and not based on your credit score? That option is title loans Lakewood.

Title Loans Lakewood

Title loans Lakewood are personal loans secured by the equity in your car. As long as you own your vehicle outright, you can be approved for an emergency loan and get the money in about a day.

Title Loans Lakewood Application

If you are an adult and own your car free and clear, you are ready to apply for a title loan through Loan Cheetah. Just fill out our simple and quick application by telling us the year, make, model, mileage and style of your vehicle. We also need your name and zip code so we know the area where you live and who we are dealing with. Give us your phone number and email address so that we can give you a loan estimate after you complete the application. Loan estimates are based on the value of your car. After you get the estimate, one of our loan agents will call you to work out the details. This includes when and where you will repay your loan, as well as when you will pick up your money. Loan Cheetah also offers the option of direct deposit.

California Laws

Title lenders operating in California must have a state license to do business. Lenders are required to disclose to borrowers information specifically related to their loan, such as all fees, interest charges and the annual percentage rate. In California, there is no maximum interest rate on title loans over $2,500.


  • You need money, and title loans in CA provide a fast way to get it. Going to a bank can take up to 10 business days if you are approved for the loan.
  • There is no credit check so bad credit won’t get you denied. Plus, it won’t affect your credit score. When lending institutions run your credit, the reporting bureaus view it as you trying to get new credit, and that is considered risky. So, when your credit is checked by a lending institution, your score drops between three and 10 points.
  • Title loans in Los Angeles and Lakewood are based on you owning a car and using it as collateral. Anytime you use collateral for a loan it makes the loan secure. That means lenders are not just taking your word that you will pay them back. If you don’t repay the loan, they get to keep your car. Of course, nobody wants to lose their vehicle so borrowers have incentive to pay their debts.
  • We keep the title, but you keep the car. We don’t need a parking lot full of cars and you need to keep driving. All we need is your title.
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This is a solicitation for a loan. This is not guaranteed offer and requires a complete and approved application. Title-secured loan amount subject to vehicle evaluation. Results and actual amounts may vary. Certain limitations apply.

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