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Being a grown-up is challenging. And it's not at all like you expected when you were a kid. From your perspective, being an adult was the best. You could stay up as late as you wanted, eat candy for breakfast, and have a job and all the money you wanted to spend. But the reality of adulthood rarely matches our childhood fantasies. Staying up late means you're tired at work. Candy all the time ruins your teeth. And money. Yeah, that's sometimes illusive in adulthood, too. More than you'd like to admit.

While we here at Loan Cheetah can't do anything about eating too much candy or you staying up late, we can help you straighten out your finances. Title loans in Fort Lauderdale/ Lauderhill have given many a person a financial boost when they needed one. These savvy borrowers used their car as security for one of our loans. And in the process paid off old debts, created their own debt consolidation program, or even rebuilt their credit after bankruptcy. Really.

Does it surprise you that our car title loan requirements don't include a credit check? Or more specifically, you're not required to have excellent credit to get cash from us. If you have a car or truck that you're willing to offer up as collateral for your loan, Loan Cheetah can work with you.

Simple so far, right? If you agree, continue reading down the page to learn more about applying for title loans in Lauderhill.

Title Loans Lauderhill: How to Apply Online

We make the process of applying for online title loans an easy one. We get it. Life is hectic. And you may not want to share your financial status with anyone. The good news is our online application allows you to apply in the privacy of your home. You even get your car title loan quote back from us while you're still sitting at your home computer.

First you'll need to input the following information into our application form:

  • Your name
  • Zip
  • Phone
  • Your car's mileage
  • Its year
  • Its make/ model

Next, you'll want to wait for your quote/ estimate to come back to you. This will take place shortly after you submit your information to us.

Finally, you'll need to set aside some time to chat with your personal loan rep. He/ she will call you sometime after we receive your information. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions about title loans and to find out when you can pick up your money. Don't be shy. Ask away. This person is here to help you.

Title Loans Lauderhill: Title Loan Regulations

The title-loan industry as a whole is highly regulated. State and federal law protects borrowers like you. We are required to fill you in on any matter that could affect you during the life of your loan. Therefore, important information about our policies and about your loan can be found in your loan contract.

You'll see information like:

  • The interest you're charged on the amount you borrowed
  • The total borrowed amount
  • The date your final payment is due
  • How many payments you'll have
  • And other pertinent data pertaining to your loan

A Quick Recap About the Convenience of Title Loans in Lauderhill

  • Our customers use title loans for a variety of reasons, which they choose.
  • We offer our clientele a simple, online application form. The application software provides all our clients with a loan estimate. We additionally provide our clients with a loan representative to help with the last stages of the loan.
  • Bad credit doesn't matter. We use your car as the security for your loan. However, by getting a title loan, you can start to repair damaged credit.
  • We follow all the rules and regulations in the title-loan industry. You're safe borrowing from us!

Why not apply now? It could make grown-up life a little less painful.

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