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Title Loans in Lewiston, ID

Chances are good that you're here because you or someone close to you has encountered financial trouble and needs help. There are many services out there that purport to be "the best" at what they do, and even we have to admit that title loans Idaho may not be ideal in all circumstances, but for those who can shoulder them, they certainly make one of the most balanced and ethical options available. With some of the highest lending rates at the lowest charges in the industry, the only hitch is whether or not you have a clear title to provide for the loan.

The Greatest in Short-Term Borrowing: Title Loans in Lewiston

Car title loans are a form of short-term, small-dollar lending that's secured with collateral. This detail is key to understanding why title loans are often better than their cash advance, signature lending and payday alternatives; those loans more frequently depend on your credit history, which means that a poor credit score can prevent you from taking out the cash that you need on a moment's notice. Furthermore, the unsecured nature of their offerings leads to a trust issue, which ultimately jacks up your rates and fees while pushing down the amount that you can borrow. This is why you should stick to collateral loans when possible.

With title loans in Lewiston, you're temporarily supplying us with the title to any vehicle that you own as a way of promising that you'll pay us back, securing the money and forging a better relationship with us from the outset. As such, should you find yourself in a situation due to lay-offs or other life troubles that are dragging you down, we pride ourselves in being the one that can supply you with affordable loans that keep the overhead expenses low to the ground so you can lift yourself back up once more. Whether it's emergency repairs on your car or phone, medical expenses that just cropped up suddenly or a utility bill that was a little higher than expected, you can count on us to help you out.

Title Loans in Lewiston: The Easiest Application in the World

There are two basic steps in the process of getting the ball rolling with title loans in Lewiston: the initial application and the follow-up checks. It's all a very simple and expeditious experience that can get the money dropped in your account within the hour in some cases, but usually, you should receive it by the end of the day or within 24 hours at latest. With us, the first step will be applying through our online portal, which will need the following information to get you started:

Contact Information

You'll leave us with your name and phone number so we can contact you at our earliest convenience, which takes up to a half hour on average. You can optionally supply us with your email address so we can also reach out that way, but typically, we use this medium to help you keep a record of vital information pertaining to our service and any loan plans that you take out.

ZIP Code

In keeping with Idaho title loan laws, we must know the postal code of your primary residence as this helps us ascertain our ability to service you fully within the loan period that will be laid out between us.

Vehicle Type, Condition and Details

Finally, it's all-important that we work out the actual value of your title by determining what the vehicle behind it is worth. This means that we'll need the make, model, year and style as well as the mileage and any additional comments that you'd like to add. This will help produce a more accurate quote with our title loan estimate calculator, which you'll receive after your submission; however, this is subject to change once we proceed further into your application.

Things to Know

Title loans in Lewiston are strictly regulated by Idaho state law, and there are a few details that you should be aware of before continuing with our service:

We don't keep your title forever.

By law, we must return it to you in its original condition after your loan debt has been relieved in full.

All representatives behind our desks are certified and bonded.

Stringent educational and governmental qualifications are needed to work for our company and distribute title loans in Lewiston. This is state law.

Your information is never sold or given away.

Relinquishing your personal details is a safe and required step in the process with us.

Your vehicle remains in your driveway while the loan is out.

We may only touch the vehicle if your loan payments fall over 30 days behind, after which point we may repossess and sell it to reclaim whatever you haven't paid on the loan.

We need to know about your income to prevent entrapment.

It essential that we understand how much you're making so we can create title loans in Lewiston that are affordable and can be paid in timely form.

There are no credit checks to apply.

This is owed to the secured nature of our loans.

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