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Title Loans Manteca, California

Your title loan is not working out the way you had hoped. You still believe getting title loans in Manteca was a good idea, but you underestimated your financial need. That title loan wasn’t enough money to cover everything, so you’re still behind and can’t see a way out. Plus, you have to still pay off that title loan. Just like before you got it, you are concerned, worried and fearful about your money situation.

Well, the good news is that title loans online have even more options than you realize. Instead of stopping payments and risk losing your collateral, just call your lender and ask how refinancing your title loan can help you out a jam.

Title Loans Manteca

Title loans in Manteca can become a refinance car title loan when the borrower needs to make changes for financial reasons. For example, the borrower is having trouble making payments, so the loan is refinanced to get payments lower and more affordable. This keeps the borrower from defaulting on the loan. Another refinance option is when a borrower contacts a lender other than the one they took the loan with. The aim in this case is to get the new lender to offer a better interest rate, which will save the borrower money.

Title Loans Manteca Application

Applicants have already met the requirements for a regular title loan, which are to be at least 18 years, have a source of income and have a vehicle to use as collateral. This works when the refinanced loan is with the same company as the original loan, but when refinancing is through a separate lender, the borrower may need to complete a new application.

Whether the loan is refinanced through Loan Cheetah or another lender, expect to spend a little time discussing your application with a company representative. Loan Cheetah agents will evaluate your situation, including the reasons you want or need your loan refinanced. Options will be discussed and a decision made as soon as possible.

California Legal Information

Title loan customers have the right to all information related to fees associated with the loans they take out. Lenders must tell borrowers the annual percentage rate and interest rate of their loans, as well as late fees they could be responsible for and all processing and administrative fees they are assessed. This must be done before the customer signs a loan agreement. Interest rates in California are capped at 30 percent a year for title loans under $2,500.

Refinanced Title Loan Benefits

  • By refinancing title loans in Stockton and Manteca, you give yourself an opportunity to catch up on a past due bill and get back on good financial footing.
  • All the stress and worry of being late on your title loan and possibly having your car repossessed is immediately gone.
  • Refinancing with your current lender allows you to maintain a good working relationship with people who have helped you deal with financial instability before. They will likely understand your need for continued help.
  • Refinancing with a new lender could allow you to rework your loan enough that both payments and interest rates are lowered.
  • Even with lower payment amounts, your lender knows it will take some time get back into a normal routine where there is enough money for everything. That is why your lender will work out a payment plan that ensures you can make those due dates.
  • Just like regular title loans, refinanced loans are processed as quickly as possible. The application process and discussion of loan options are handled quickly so you can get back to your normal routine.
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