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Title Loans in Millbrook, Alabama from Loan Cheetah

There was a time when an adult got a job and kept it until retirement. Now, that’s a rarity for most people. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans have 10 jobs before they turn 40. While it would be great if each new job brought a pay raise, the truth is that most workers don’t see an increase in pay by changing employers. Often, when people change jobs, it’s not their choice. Research shows that people lost jobs 66 percent of the time because the company downsized, restructured or had some other issues. What that means for the unemployed is a need to tighten the belt until a new job is found. But, that’s not enough. These unfortunate workers also need to find cash to help them pay bills until they go back to work. One of the best ways to do that is also one of the easiest. Title loans in Millbrook can put cash in your pocket in about a day.

Title Loans Millbrook

Title loans are simple. A person needs money and applies for a loan. They use their car as collateral and get approved. Title loans in Millbrook through Loan Cheetah are available to any adult who owns a car and needs money immediately. A rebuilt title loan is also an option.

Title Loans Millbrook Application

Applicants must provide their name, email address, zip code and a working phone number. They must also give Loan Cheetah details about the car, such as its make, model and mileage. Once the title loan online application is complete, which only takes a couple of minutes, the applicant gets a car title loan quote. Then, a Loan Cheetah representative contacts them by phone to set up a payment schedule and determine when and where the loan money will be accepted. The conversation will also include gathering some other information, such as the source of income of the borrower and details about the condition of the vehicle.

Legal Information

Title loans, or title pawns, are for a period between 10 and 31 days in Alabama. Lenders can loan any amount of cash, but if a borrower is delinquent in payments, the lender must give the borrower 30 days to bring their account current before claiming the vehicle used as collateral. To qualify for a title loan, the borrower must be at least 19 years old. Borrowers must have a lien-free title, but the title can a rebuilt one.


Easy, hassle-free money is the best kind because there is no stress involved. Car title loans in Montgomery and Millbrook offer that, especially when compared to other ways you can try to get money. For instance, it can be embarrassing to let others know you have money problems. When you try to borrow from friends and family, there is the stress of asking for a loan and the possibility they will reject you. Plus, what happens if you can’t repay them when you said you would? It puts pressure on you and a strain on the relationship. With title loans, if you can’t repay during the original loan terms, Loan Cheetah works with you to renew or restructure the loan to give you more time.

Title loans are also beneficial in how fast they happen. Most lost are applied for and approved in a day or so. You are given a short time-frame to pay the money back so that there is no long-term debt hanging over your head. However, if you need more time to repay, that’s okay.

Being able to get a loan based on your car and being able to keep that car to use while you repay the debt is another benefit of title loans.

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This is a solicitation for a loan. This is not guaranteed offer and requires a complete and approved application. Title-secured loan amount subject to vehicle evaluation. Results and actual amounts may vary. Certain limitations apply.

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