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Loan Cheetah Title Loans in Moline, IL

Many people know Moline, Illinois as the birthplace of John Deere, but the city has much more to offer than just a tractor manufacturing company. It's also part of the Quad Cities and ranks as a top destination for tourists and travelers. Tourists and locals alike enjoy walking through the historic neighborhoods, seeing shows at the i wireless Center and touring the Vander Veer Botanical Park. If you love traveling around the Quad Cities but find yourself with a nearly empty bank account, it might be time to take out a title loan.

Online title loans essentially use your vehicle as collateral. You can apply for one of these loans with any type of vehicle, including a pickup truck, car, SUV or even a commercial vehicle that you use for your business. A vehicle that is newer, in good shape and with fewer miles can help you get more money, but even an older model can still help you secure a loan. With title loans Moline locals can get money without jumping through hoops at a local bank and without putting up their homes or other expensive items as collateral. Learn how you can apply for a title loan as early as today and how we help you get the cash you need.

Applying for Title Loans Moline Steps

When you decide to take out a title loan, check out our loan application page. This page asks a few questions that will give us an idea about you and your vehicle. We use that information and information that we obtain later to make a decision regarding you. The first questions that you see relate to your vehicle.

You can fill out the page to tell us its make, year and mileage. Before submitting the page, make sure that you fill out the contact information section and give us at least a name and phone number. One of our representatives will get in touch within one business day to make sure you understand the basics of taking out a title loan, to double check the information you provided and decide whether you will get a loan.

Legal Rules and Regulations

Illinois closely regulates car title loans to better protect consumers living in the state. The total amount any one individual can borrow in the form of a title loan is $4,000, but the state limits residents from taking out a loan equivalent to more than 50% of their total monthly paychecks. This means that you can borrow $4,000 but only if you make at least $8,000 a month.

State laws also give you the right to refinance your title loan. You can only request refinancing after paying off at least 15% of the total loan. There are also rules in place regarding how often you can borrow money against your car. These loans keep locals from taking out loans with new lenders less than 15 days after paying off a loan with another lender or taking out another loan.

Title Loan Advantages

Title loans in Illinois can help you get your life back on track again. Instead of borrowing lower sums of money from the bank that don't really help, you can borrow $1,000 or more to pay off some of those bills you owe or an unexpected bill that suddenly arrived in the mail. The process of applying is much easier too, and we don't have as many restrictions in place regarding who we loan money too or how much we loan. With title loans Moline residents get cash just for owning cars.

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