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Title Loans Morristown, Tennessee

You've heard about flex loans, and you're curious. You've also heard about the salvage vehicle title loan. And of course, you've also heard about plain, old-fashioned title loans. Now, maybe you're feeling a bit confused about what type of loan might be right for you. No problem. At Loan Cheetah, we have various loan options, one of which will likely be right for you.

But before you apply, you'll probably want to know more about each kind so that you can make the best decision possible. Here they are in a nutshell.

If you're more interested in getting a line of credit that you can use pretty much indefinitely (like you do your Discover or Visa cards), then you'll want to consider a flex loan. With this type of loan, your available credit is dependent upon how much you pay just like your credit card. It's a great option for people who need quick cash on an on-going basis.

Title loans in Morristown are different. For one thing, your loan has an end date, which means once you pay it off, you cannot access anymore money on that loan term. It is also a loan that requires collateral. You'll use your truck or car as loan security in order to qualify.

Salvage vehicle title loans are also title loans. They do require a title as collateral, but the process to get them can be slightly trickier than some other kinds of loans. That doesn't mean Loan Cheetah can't lend you money on this type of car, but you may require some help from us.

As the name suggests, the salvage title loan is the loan on a car that has been wrecked and is deemed for the salvage yard. That doesn't mean it'll end up there. It just means its cost to fix versus its value is too much. But sometimes the vehicle still has value either to use as parts or to fix up, either of which opens up the possibility of borrowing against the title.

Title Loans Morristown: How to Apply

Our title-loan application is online for a reason. Life in the 21st century is hectic to say the least. Therefore, we've tried to make the process of applying for one of our loans as quick and painless as possible. For a title loan, this is all you need for the moment:

  • Your car's make
  • Your car's miles
  • Your car's year
  • Your name
  • Your zip
  • Your phone

Once we have that information, we send you an estimate. Look it over and formulate any questions you have about the title-loan process: A rep from our local Loan Cheetah will follow up with you on our loan quote. This is the person to ask about the particulars of your loan, including when you might get your money.

Additionally, if you still would like to know more about a flex loan or a salvage title loan, feel free to visit with the rep about that, too.

Title Loans Morristown: What Tennessee Law Does for You

All title loans in Tennessee come with some fairly strict protections built in. Our industry is regulated by laws here in the state, but also on the federal level. These laws safeguard the borrower. While this may seem like just boilerplate language to you, we want you to know that it's a responsibility that we take seriously. We want your loan experience to be a positive one.

Additionally, we also write up a contract for you. This also protects you. It gives you an idea of how much you'll be charged in interest, when your final payment is due, and how many payments you might have. There may be other related information, too. If it becomes confusing at any time, don't hesitate to ask for guidance. That's why we're here.

Why It Makes Good Financial Sense to Borrow From Us

  • Our loans offer a good option for people seeking alternative loan types. All borrowers are protected, regardless of which type they get.
  • Loan Cheetah has so many flexible options when it comes to borrowing money.
  • Title, flex, and salvage loans each have their own unique advantages, and we offer them all.
  • Your credit doesn't matter.
  • Access our application via your home computer or cell phone. It's easy!

We really love helping people get back on their financial feet. Why not become one of them? Apply now!

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