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There are a number of situations where you may find yourself needing a get-cash-quick solution. Sadly, the people closest to you may not be reliable in this respect, and selling your personal belongings can take aeons to get a fair dollar for it all. Fortunately, there's a solution for you: title loans in Murphy. Consider the following situations:

  • Sudden medical expenses
  • An emergency that requires an expensive plane ticket
  • A less-than-rewarding paycheck to cover your bills
  • Family- or friend-related complications

These are all good examples of times when you may consider trading your auto title for a lump of cash. Although different title lenders handle things differently, we offer title loans Mesquite with the following benefits:

  • Absolutely no credit checks
  • Industry-low, law-abiding overhead charges to make repayment easy
  • Refinancing and buyout options to help you keep traction
  • Up to tens of thousands of dollars in a single loan
  • Delivery in as little as a few hours
  • Keep your car while you pay us back
  • Your title isn't tampered with in our hands and comes back to you when you're paid off

Easy Application for Title Loans in Murphy

We know that when it comes to financial stuff, it can be rather difficult trying to interpret everything that you're asked about. It seems like every file or form that you're required to read and respond to is overly complicated and lengthy to fill out. Well, here's the good news: We just ask for what we need -- nothing more, nothing less.

When applying for an auto loan, you'll only need to provide us with the following: a phone number, an email address, your ZIP code, and the basic details about your vehicle and its mileage. We use the vehicle's details to help generate an estimate of how large your loan can be, and we need your contact information to reach you once we've reviewed your submission in depth and are ready to help you move to the next step. We're open to any questions that you have when we reach you.

When we call, you'll want to have proof of ID ready and be prepared to furnish evidence of your current income. We need to know these details as a legal matter that protects both sides of the exchange. You can also improve the loan conditions by relinquishing a title that has no liens on it.

The Law Stands Behind You

1. Usurious Activities

In the state of Texas, it's highly illegal to assess clients an interest rate that exceeds 10%. This is a felony that can easily make or break a lender's power to do business any longer.

2.Legal Recognition

All of our specialists are licensed with the power to create title loans in Murphy. There's no legal admission -- or good reason, for that matter -- to hire people who aren't certified.

3. Dues and Entrapment

In a recent move by the Texan government, all lenders are required to carefully inspect clients' income as well as their outgoing expenditures. This is done to ensure that all dues are paid off in timely fashion; we can *not* bank on delinquent payments.

4. Seizure and Repossession

The original term for a title loan can't exceed 30 days, but you can refinance title loans to buy more time. However, if you're over 30 days late without refinancing again or paying the loan off, we may seize your vehicle.

No Better Option

Unsecured personal loans, signature lending, cash advance and payday services can't quite meet the same bar that title loans in Murphy can. Only our loans do all of the following:

  1. Cash Delivery in Just Hours
  2. Up to Five Figures in Loan Money
  3. APRs of 10% Maximum
  4. Buyout and Refinancing Services
  5. Zero Credit Checks
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