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Title Loans in Nampa, ID

An auto title loan is a kind of secured funding where the borrower uses his car title as security. Debtors who receive auto loans must allow the creditor to place a lien on the title, and temporarily hand over the hard copy of their car title, in exchange for credit. Once the debt is settled, the lien is removed and the title is returned to the original owner. If the debtor defaults on their repayments, the creditor is allowed to repossess the car or sell it to settle the outstanding debt. Typically, these loans are short-term, and the creditors do not review the borrowers' credit history. Of great importance to the lender is the condition of the car that is being used as collateral. Most car title loans are processed within 24 hours of approval.

Emergencies, oftentimes, occur unexpectedly. Regardless of whether you hope to settle a huge medical bill, clear off outstanding school fee balance, or carry out extensive home renovations, title Loans in Nampa might be the most ideal path to take. If you wish to exploit this funding path, you must be questioning how you can get title Loans in Nampa. Below is a simplified loan application process.

How to Apply for Title Loans in Nampa

The loan application procedure is generally similar to that of visiting a car loan shop. The only difference is that most Idaho title loans are approved and processed online.

Before applying for title Loans in Nampa, borrowers must ensure that they meet the following requirements.

  • Own a lien-free car
  • Be of 18 years of age or older. From a legal standpoint, all borrowers must have attained majority age by the time they are submitting their application. In order to verify the borrower's age and identity, title loan creditors might ask for the applicant's ID card or driver's license
  • The borrower must have the vehicle's title
  • Drive the car to the nearest Loan Cheetah offices for an inspection of the car. The applicant's loan limit is determined by the market evaluation of the car. The borrower might receive the funds he borrows immediately the appraisal is complete.
  • Proof that the applicant has a dependable source of income. Unemployment and retirement benefits can also be used as proof of income.
  • Once the borrower submits a loan application form online, a loan representative will contact the applicant. The representative is knowledgeable enough to calculate a title loan quote with the applicant as well as develop a suitable repayment plan.

Legal Regulations

Title loan laws in Idaho regulate numerous areas of the industry, including stating what lenders may and may not do as well as capping loan terms. Currently, there is no cap on title loan fees in Idaho.

The Idaho Title Loan Act, passed in 2006, requires that creditors must be licensed under the Idaho Credit Code. Under the law, if creditors operate without a license, the lender forfeits the right to repossess collateral. Additionally, the act states that title loan contracts must include the make, year, and model of the car that is used as security. Additionally, the contract must record the name, vehicle identification number, license plate number, address and birthdate of the borrower. The agreement, moreover, must spell out that the loan is not meant to settle long-term financial needs.

The law in Idaho places caps on the renewals, term length, and other contractual agreements. Under the Act, vehicle title loans must not exceed a month in length. Vehicle title loans, however, can be renewed. Loan renewals often happen automatically unless the borrower settles the principal before the end of the loan term.

Benefits of Vehicle Title Loans

Title loans in Nampa can also be referred to as collateral loan with bad credit. This is because they are easily approved even for applicants with poor credit scores. Most title loan companies extend vehicle loans to car owners irrespective of the applicant's line of credit. Since car loans use the borrower's car as security, they do not charge as high rates as merchant cash advances. Car title loans are, therefore, normally cheaper than merchant cash advances. Title loans offer easy and quick repayment plans. With this form of credit, the borrower enjoys a favorable repayment schedule. Financial emergencies often occur unexpectedly. In this light, car title loans can come in handy during such times. Using a vehicle loan to settle expenses will help you reduce your burden.

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