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Car Title Loans In Nederland, Texas Are Good For Unexpected Turns In Life

You can never be sure what any day in your life will bring. Sometimes it's full of all the best you can hope for, and other times you find yourself in dire need of help. The hardest times are when money is in short supply but you absolutely need it. Most financial hard times are not your fault when they happen, but even if they are you deserve a second chance if you need to borrow money to help your situation. If you're too nervous to ask a friend for money, you can ask one of our title loans in Nederland specialists and they can help you if you own a vehicle.

Car title loans are also sometimes referred to as loans on pink slip because the pink slip is issued when a vehicle title is put up for a loan. The title is given to the lender because car title loans are collateralized loans and that title is the substitute for giving up your vehicle. It isn't just regular cars, pickups and SUVs that can be used in a title loan, if you own a motorcycle, ATV or possibly even an expensive boat you can usually use those to take out a title loan so long as you have the title.

You Need To Own The Title For Pink Slip Title Loans In Nederland, Texas

It's Texas law that you must completely own a vehicle in order to take out a loan against it. The lender needs your title to be signed over to them because they need to know that they are not issuing a loan for a stolen vehicle. Owning the title means not only having it in your physical possession, but also making sure there are no liens currently on it such as making payments to dealerships or banks for your vehicle. The title has to be clear so the lender can put a new lien on it while you're using a title loan. If you cannot find your vehicle title but you do own your vehicle outright, you can usually get a copy of it from the Texas DMV for a fee. You'll need to bring your title in person once you finish our Pasadena online title loans application.

Several Other Advantages Of Pink Slip Title Loans In Nederland, Texas

Usually when you take out short-term loans, you have a limited time to pay them back which in the case of payday loans can be as short as one week. Auto title loans in Nederland usually will have a 30-day initial term, but if you've started paying them off before then and need just a little more time to complete your payments, you can usually get an extension. If there are special circumstances that come up, you can even see about refinancing a vehicle title loan to get more time as well as more affordable payment options.

How Our Application Works

We strive to make vehicle title loans as easy to apply for as possible, and once you have your vehicle title you can start using our online quote form. This form takes down your vehicle's make, model, year and mileage to assess how much you could get in a title loan. Once you're given the amount, we contact you to point you to a title loan lending store near you. When you visit this store, you'll need to have a photo ID from the government that shows the following:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You reside and keep your vehicle in Texas

You should also have one other document to show you have steady income. Once your vehicle is inspected and your payment agreements signed, you'll usually receive a title loan within 24 hours.

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