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Title Loans in New Kensington, Pennsylvania from Loan Cheetah

Always be prepared could be your personal motto, but somehow you let something slip by. Perhaps it was an anniversary, a birthday or a retirement party. Maybe you forgot that this year is the class reunion. Whatever the reason, you have to spend money on it, and money is the one thing you donít have enough of right now.

Not having enough money is a common theme for many people. In fact, for some of them, itís common and recurring. The remedy is to get more money. Since money does not grow on trees, you need a tangible solution that puts real money in your pocket. One way to get out of temporary money crunch is through a title loan.

Title Loans New Kensington

A title loan is when you temporarily trade your car title for a small loan. The loan amount is based on the value of your vehicle, and the term is usually for one month. However, when borrowers sometimes need more time to repay the loan, Loan Cheetah is willing to renew it for another term.

Unlike traditional loans that involve credit checks and lots of paperwork, title loans have very little paperwork and no credit check. You only need to own a car and have a way to pay back the loan.

Title Loans New Kensington Application

Auto equity loans are fairly simple to apply for since all we initially need is your carís specifications, your name and contact information. You give us that and we give you an estimated loan amount. Then, you and one of our agents talk by phone to work out the details, including whether you will pick up your cash or have it direct deposited.

Typically, to apply for a title loan you need to own the car and not have any liens against it, but title loans without a title are sometimes an option. When it comes to title loans in Pittsburgh and Kensington, Loan Cheetah is willing to work with our clients to meet their financial needs.

Pennsylvania Legal Statute

Pennsylvania Usury Statute determines the rate of interest allowed per year on small loans, which are loans of not more than $50,000. Title lenders are allowed to charge additional application and related fees. If the borrower is a Pennsylvania resident who takes a title loan in another state, the lender is still subject to Pennsylvania usury laws.

Benefits Of Title Loans New Kensington


The title loans in New Kensington application only takes a few minutes to complete. The phone call between you and loan representative takes a few more minutes. The entire process is usually complete in about a day and you get the money.

Better Options

Auto title loan interest rates are lower than payday loan interest rates, which makes title loans a better option for anyone interested in saving money. Title loans New Kensington are easier to get than the money you would make if you decided to hold a yard sale or try to get extra work and earn the money.


When you apply online through Loan Cheetah, the only person who knows about it are you and the loan representative. No one has to know you need money, why you need money and where you get the money you need. Itís your business and we help you keep it that way.


There is no need to worry about being denied for a loan because of your credit history. We donít check your credit because itís not important in the title loan process. As you need is a car with a clear title and a source of income. You can be confident that with those two things you will be approved for a title loan.

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This is a solicitation for a loan. This is not guaranteed offer and requires a complete and approved application. Title-secured loan amount subject to vehicle evaluation. Results and actual amounts may vary. Certain limitations apply.

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