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Title Loans Oakland Park, Florida

The reason why so many people love title loans in Oakland Park, Florida is that they mean instant access to cash. What makes them even better is that you do not have to have a good credit score in order to qualify for a title loan in Florida. For a title loan, you just need to be able to produce the title to your car and have a valid license. As long as you are the only owner of your car and you own the car outright, then you are a great candidate for a title loan.

Even though you need to be able to show the title to your car for a title loan, you can keep driving your car throughout your loan payoff period. In fact, title to your car never changes hands with a title loan so long as the loan is completely paid off as agreed. Title loans are not a gimmick. What makes them so great for people who need cash on the spot is that they use the collateral of the title to your car as the only security necessary to put some extra cash in your pockets. At Loan Cheetah, we make title loans as accessible as possible to every driver in Florida who owns their car outright.

How to Apply for Title Loans Oakland Park, Florida

Loan Cheetah understands that when you apply for title loans in Oakland Park, Florida, you expect to get your cash in hand fast. To make that happen, you can apply for a title loan quote online through Loan Cheetah. When you apply online, you will need to fill out your personal contact information, such as your name, phone number and home address. The other part of the title loan application will include your vehicle information, including the year, make, model and mileage of your car.

If you are wondering how to get a title loan without a job and how much you can qualify for, the answers are easy. You can qualify for a title loan without a job or good credit score because the title to your vehicle serves as the basic collateral for the loan. You do not have to explain your credit history in the application. The amount of loan that you qualify for depends exclusively on the value of your vehicle as opposed to your credit score or history. A representative from Loan Cheetah will contact you upon receiving your application and will be able to provide you with an estimate of how much of a title loan you can expect.

Florida State Regulations on Title Loans

Under Florida law, all agreements for title loans must be in writing. In addition, there are state caps on the maximum interest rates that can be charged for title loans, which are:

  • 30 percent for up to $2,000;
  • 25 percent on any amount between $2,000 and $3,000; and
  • 18 percent on any loan amounts for more than $3,000.

The Many Benefits of Title Loans in Oakland Park

If you are considering title loans in Fort Lauderdale, Florida as a way to get fast access to cash, then you are in for some amazing benefits. With title loans, you can sidestep dealing with traditional banks and going through their exhausting application process. Also, you can post the title to your car as collateral without ever having to give it up. Choose the fast and easy way to get cash in your pocket today.

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