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Thousands of people take a car title loan each month. And regardless of where they live, the type of car they own, or what they need the money for, customers almost always ask the same question: "can I get a title loan without vehicle inspection?" No one likes leaving the house and driving miles to get their car checked by an inspector. And since today we can do everything online, most people think that vehicle title loans should not be the exception.

When you apply for an auto title loan, you are looking for a way to obtain cash fast without any hassles. And that is what car title loans are all about; providing fast solutions for money emergencies. Driving miles to meet an inspector and spending extra money on gas does not seem to be a good solution for your problem. Still, most car title lending institutions have a store visit vehicle inspection as one of their requirements for the title loan process.

So is it possible to get approved for a car title loan without a vehicle inspection? Vehicle inspections are sometimes crucial for this type of loan. However, there are other options title loan lenders can opt for instead of an in-person store visit for an inspection. 

How do title loans work?

Online title loans work much differently than traditional personal loans. Auto title loans are a type of secured loan because they use your vehicle's title as collateral for the funds. Due to this detail, title loans stand out from the rest because counting on a car as collateral increases potential borrowers' approval chances. For example, you can get instant online title loan. Since your car's title secures the loan, title loan providers do not need to conduct a credit score check. That is a great advantage that banks and other institutions do not present for their customers. 

When you request an automobile title loan, title loan companies put a lien on your car's title, or they hold on to it while you make the monthly payment loans. Our title loan company accepts most types of vehicles, not only cars. We offer motorcycles, boat, and even truck title loans. To apply, you have to be the legal owner of your vehicle, and the title must be lien-free. You also have to be at least 18 years old to get a title loan approval. Proof of car insurance and proof of income are other common auto title loan requirements.

The entire application process is done online; you do not have to visit our title loan facility. To get one of our car cash title loans, you only have to fill out a 2-minute form. The form intends to obtain basic information about your car, such as year, model, make, style, and mileage. The vehicle title loan amounts depend directly on your vehicle's market value, so some basic car information is crucial. All those details are used to determine your car's worth and how much money you can borrow. Once you fill out the form, you will get a free title loan quote online and know if the figure we offer you sounds good to you. 

Due to the online application process, title loan companies can offer you money at an unparalleled speed. Not having to drive to the title loan company store several times really speeds up the car title loan process. And the minimal requirements car title loan lenders ask for also make things work faster. Usually, from the moment clients do an online solicitation, only a few hours go by until they can pick up their cash. Most times, you can choose between picking up the money from a lender near you or having it deposited directly into your bank account. 

Why do some title companies require a vehicle inspection?

As mentioned, most loan providers do not offer you a title loan without vehicle inspection. They typically have you driving to their office for a quick inspection. Even though the car evaluation tends to be short, most clients prefer to avoid it and look for online title loans no store visits. The reason why loan lenders usually request an in-person car inspection is to determine the condition of your vehicle. 

You know now that your vehicle will determine the value of the loan. Your car or motorcycle's worth can decrease drastically if, for example, it was involved in an accident that damaged part of the vehicle. On the same note, your car's value can increase if you have made improvements to it during the time you own it. Title loan companies need that information to come up with an accurate loan. As you can see, a vehicle inspection can help the lender and also the borrower. You can end up having a loan of higher value than you expected. And the lender avoids giving you a loan that you can not afford.

Inspection title loan lenders usually check the interior and exterior of your car to evaluate its condition. These are some of the factors that the lender inspector will take into account to determine the value of your vehicle and the loan:

  • After-make accessories: if you made improvements or added any accessories that your car did not have when you first purchased it, your vehicle's value may have increased. Those improvements can be interior light additions, electronic enhancements, upgraded sound systems, and special paint jobs, among other modifications. Those can increase the value of your car.
  • Mechanical condition: if your car has mechanical issues, they can decrease its value when you try to sell it. 
  • Interior condition: the interior quality of your car can raise its value by a couple of thousand dollars. On the other hand, if you have ripped carpets, holes, or missing fabric, it can damage your car's worth. 
  • Exterior condition: the same happens with the exterior state of your car, only that this factor has a more significant impact on your vehicle's overall value. If you own an old car with a lot of mileage, you probably think you will get a small loan. But if the exterior of your car is impeccable, that can raise your vehicle's value by a few thousand dollars - and also the amount you get from the loan.
  • Paint color: believe it or not, there are car colors that are easier to sell than others. That fact can increase or decrease the value of your car. Some title loan inspectors will also check this during the vehicle inspection. 

Can you get a title loan without a vehicle inspection?

Yes, obtaining a title loan without vehicle inspections is possible. Every day, more and more title loan companies decide to move their application process to the intent and use technological advances to make the process easier and faster for their clients. While there are still a lot of lenders that prefer borrowers drive to their store for an inspection, that number is decreasing. 

Many lenders opt for having the lender inspector drive to your house or workspace. With this alternative, they try to achieve that you do not have to leave your home or office and arrange a time to travel to the title loan company's offices. But still, you will have to schedule the appointment and take time from your day to meet with the inspector. Besides, many people prefer not to have an inspector coming to their houses. This other option is good, but it could be even better.

Other title loan institutions, such as EZ Car Title Loans, have another alternative that better suits their customers' needs. As you can send your car's details from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you can also send pictures of your vehicle that lenders can evaluate from their offices. You will be asked to send clear photos of your vehicle's interior and exterior. Preferably, the photographs will be taken outside and during sunlight. You can take the pictures with your phone and send them directly to the lender. As you can see, this way, things are much more straightforward and faster. You will not have to use your time to visit a store or wait around for the inspector to come to you. 

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Thanks to car title loans, getting fast cash in less than a business day is possible. And as the years go by, the industry keeps improving its services. Today, we can provide you with an auto title loan without a vehicle inspection needed. 

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