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A car title loan is a type of financing where the debtor may use the equity on their vehicle as collateral. The debtor must then hand in a hard copy of the vehicle title in exchange for credit. Once the loan is fully settled, the title is returned to the owner. Title loans put a lien on the vehicle used as collateral. This lien will be removed once the loan is repaid. A car title loan is short-term financing. Creditors do not put an applicant’s credit history into consideration while awarding loans. However, the amount of credit applicant’s receive is limited based on a few factors. These factors may include:

  • Value of property used as security
  • The amount of funding requested
  • The applicant’s ability to settle the loan

Title loans in Parkland are on a constant rise in demand. This increase in demand can be attributed to the positive effects they have on people's’ financial strength. Financial performance remains unpredictable for most people; this may not deter need from arising during stormy economic times. For example, emergencies such as medical crises require that attention is provided to the ailing as fast as possible. Failure to offer quick assistance can be disastrous. Lack of ready cash can be an impediment to offering such assistance. Unanticipated circumstances such as the death of a loved one can be costly. During such tragedies, title loans can be a good solution.

Title loans Parkland; how to apply

While seeking title loans in Parkland, opt to do business with the Loan Cheetah Company. The company is particularly popular in Parkland given that they process applications within 24 hours of request. The creditor offers a variety of funding options. These options may include auto pawn loans, car title loans, and salvage title loans. These options are provided via the internet making it quite an easy way of borrowing money. The creditor requires only to documents to award the loan. These papers are:

  1. An I.D. This will serve as proof of age
  2. Title of vehicle used as collateral

While applying for financing from loan cheetah, you will have to provide some personal information. These data includes:

  • Basic personal information for contact – name, phone number, and zip code
  • Year of manufacture and mileage of the vehicle
  • Make and model of the car

Upon successful entry of all required information, a free loan estimate is sent to the applicant. Thereafter, the creditor will assign an investment representative who will refine all agreement details. Some of the contractual details include:

Legal directions on title loans

Title loans in Fort Lauderdale and Parkland are regulated by law to reduce any probabilities of conflict between the creditor and the borrower. Specifically, the Florida Title Loan Act of 2000 was adopted by the state to protect the title loan sector. The act ensures that:

  1. Creditors do not exploit title loan debtors by placing a ceiling on the interest rates chargeable on every amount of loan
  2. Conflict is reduced by recommending all parties under contract having the agreement in written form
  3. The law ensures that the creditors do not compromise service quality

Benefits of a title loan

Some of the advantages linked to title loans include:

  1. A car title loan is a fast of way making cash during times of need. Most companies process them within 24 hours of request
  2. Title loans offer low-interest rates, flexible payment plans, and more value for the security’s equity
  3. Car title loans require less valuable assets to use as collateral
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