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Living in Plantation should be sun and fun all the time, but for you, it may not be. What with tuition payments to University of Phoenix due and a broken water heater, your days are feeling anything but sunny right about now. If ever it'd be a good time to apply for title loans in Fort Lauderdale/ Plantation, now is it.

At Loan Cheetah, we get what it's like to feel like everyday is a rainy day when it comes to your finances. And chances are even if you don't fit the scenario above, you've landed on this page, because you need cash. You might have heard about how you can get a car title loan quote right here from our website. You might have even heard that we specialize in online title loans. All of those facts are true and then some.

Additionally, getting title loans in Plantation is a snap. We don't have many requirements. If you have a truck or car that you can use as collateral for a loan, we can give you a title loan. We also need some references and ID when you come into our office to pick up your money, but that's pretty much it.

We don't even factor in your credit score. Many of our would-be clients worry about that, but there's no need to. Even the clients who have had a bankruptcy in the past can get a title loan. Because a title loan is a collateral loan, we don't need anything else.

If you think you meet the car title loan requirements so far, we encourage you to continue reading down the page.

Title Loans Plantation: Your Application Materials

Our application starts out online for your convenience. We know that it can be difficult to break away from work or your errands to apply for a title loan. Wherever you can connect to the web, you can connect to our application.

Here's the info we need from you:

  • Your full name
  • Your zip
  • Your telephone number
  • Your car's mileage
  • Its year
  • It make/ model

Once you submit the information that we ask for, we'll send you back a loan quote. This is an estimate, telling you about how much money you should be able to borrow from us. It's based upon the information you give to us about your car.

We also want you to know that you're not walking this path alone, even though you're filling out your application online. We'll be contacting you shortly after your estimate arrives. We'll visit with you about the rest of the loan-application process and about any other concerns you have. We'll even let you know when you can come pick up your money.

Title Loans Plantation: Legal Safeguards for Borrowers

We know that people feel nervous sometimes if they've never applied for a title loan. Be assured that the process is meant to be easy and safe. Many rules and regulations govern our industry on both the state level here in Florida and on the national level.

To adhere to all the rules that govern our industry, we provide you with a detailed contract. In it, you'll find information pertaining to your loan like:

  • Your payments
  • Your interest
  • Your pay-off date
  • The length of time you have to pay off the loan
  • And other important data

Why You Should Borrow Today: A Recap of Title Loan Benefits

  • Title loans give you a rainy-day fund when you don't have one.
  • If you have a vehicle to use as collateral, we can loan you cash.
  • We have few requirements, but good credit is not one of them. However, some people find that title loans help their credit in the long run. Title loans give you a chance to rebuild credit after financial difficulty strikes.
  • Our application is online, ready to fill out now.
  • A staff member is standing by, waiting to help you with your application.
  • Title loan borrowers are safeguarded by many industry regulations.

Title loans can truly make your life sunny again. Why not fill out our application and return the warmth to your days?

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