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Title Loans in Post Falls, ID

A car title loan is a secured loan where the borrower uses his equity in a vehicle as security. Successful borrowers ought to hand in an original copy of the car's title as well as allow the creditor to put a lien on the vehicle title. Once the debt is fully settled, the creditor must remove the lien placed on the title and return it to the owner. If the debtor does not adhere to the terms of the contract, the creditor may repossess the car or sell it to settle any remaining debt balance.

Typically, car loans are designed to fix short-term emergencies, and the creditors may not need to peruse through the applicant's credit history. Of great significance to the creditor, usually, is the market value of the vehicle that has been presented as collateral. Most auto loans are approved and processed within a day.

Often, financial crises occur by surprise. Notwithstanding whether you must clear a considerable school fee balance, settle outstanding medical expenses, renovate your home, title loans might be the most suitable credit option available to you. You must be deliberating how you can receive title loans in Post Falls, especially if you are undergoing financially turbulent times.

How to Apply for Title Loans in Post Falls

The online loan application process is similar to the procedure followed in physical stores. The only difference is that online title loans in Post Falls are approved and processed via the internet.

Before submitting a loan funding request, applicants ought to ensure that they meet the following requirements.

  • Be 18 years old or more. Given legal requirements, all applicants must be over 18 years old. In this light, title loan companies often ask the applicant to submit a state-issued identification card or a valid driver's license to authenticate the applicant's age and identity.
  • The vehicle title should bear the name of the applicant
  • All applicants must own a lien free vehicle, or have enough equity in one.
  • The applicant has to hand in proof of income. For the unemployed, proof of unemployment or retirement benefits can be used as proof of reliable income.
  • The applicant has to drive the car being used as collateral to the nearest Loan Cheetah physical location for inspection.

The applicant's loan limit is affected by the net value of the car. Some title loan companies in Idaho may loan up to 50 percent of the car's value. The borrower might get the money as soon as the appraisal is completed.

Once a borrower submits a duly filled loan application form, Loan Cheetah's loan representative will call the applicant. The loan agent calls so as to help the applicant calculate a car title loan estimate as well as choose a suitable settlement plan for the borrower.

Legal Regulations

Vehicle title loan laws in Post Falls regulate numerous aspects of the industry. The laws, basically, state what lenders may and may not do.

The Idaho Title Loan Act, enacted in 2016, directs that all creditors ought to be licensed and approved to operate by the Idaho Credit Code. Under the legislation, in the event a creditor chooses to run without a license, the lender forfeits his ability to repossess any vehicle that had been accepted as security. Additionally, the Act directs that the loan agreement must clearly declare the make, model, and year of the car used as security. Moreover, the loan contract must indicate the name of the applicant, the vehicle identification number, vehicle license plate number, the application date of birth, and his physical address. Also, the terms of the agreement must expressly advise the applicant that title loans are not meant to fix long-term monetary problems.

Current title loan laws in Idaho establish caps on the number of loan renewals, term length, and other important contractual terms between the applicant and the lender. The law directs that title loans in Post Falls must not exceed one month. They can, however, be renewed. In most cases, loan renewals are automatic unless the applicant settles the debt before the loan term expires.

Benefits of Car Title Loans

Title loans in Post Falls, also referred to as collateral loans online, are approved and processed quickly. Title loan companies, normally, extend credit without checking the applicant's credit history when applying. Often, financial crises occur by surprise. Notwithstanding whether you must clear a considerable school fee balance, settle outstanding medical expenses, renovate your home, title loans in Idaho might be the most suitable credit option available to you.

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