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Title Loans in Robstown, Texas

Robstown, Texas may enjoy a cost of living that is 6.6% below the U.S average, but residents face common financial troubles like anywhere else. Overdue utility bills, unexpected costs, and late mortgage payments are some of the issues that may have you looking for the quickest way to get cash. Not a lot of options are available when you want funds in a matter of hours because most conventional products come with lengthy approval processes. Title loan lenders are viable solutions when in need of a secured loan in Robstown, Garland, and the surrounding regions. With Garland online title loans, lenders don't do credit checks which makes the products available to people with spotty credit histories.

Auto title loans are a type of secured loan meaning the borrower has to give collateral to the lender, in this case, your vehicle title. By design, a lender is allowed to repossess the asset put up for security when the customer fails to make due payment. However, most title lenders give customers plenty of time to repay their loans before resorting to repossession. Because the lending institution already has information on your title, you get to keep the car, which is a huge plus side for most people.

Regulation of Title Loans in Robstown

Texas requires title loan customers to;

  • Be 18 or older
  • Hold a lien-free car title
  • Have government identification

The state also requires title loan businesses to have licenses in an effort to curb rogue credit access businesses in the region. Customers get additional protection under House Bill 2592 (2012) which obliges lending institutions to provide proper disclosure to consumers. A title loan agreement is legally binding and therefore should contain all the information that a customer needs to know such as;

  • Date of the loan
  • Size and duration of the loan
  • Loan APR, interest rate, and all associated fees
  • Terms of repossession
  • Details of the vehicle (style, make model, mileage)
  • Name and address of the business

Flexibility of Title Loan Repayment

Most people fret over repayment whenever they think of taking out loans. These products are designed for short-term purposes so payment duration can be between 30 and 60 days depending on the contract. Texas allows rollover of title loans in Robstown meaning you can pay a fee to delay the due date of the loan. Not everyone can manage to pay a loan after four weeks, making it necessary to get an extension. Note that the principal does not change when you pay the rollover fee. Most Texas cities don't have rollover limits, but you have to work out the exact terms with a Robstown title lending business. It is possible for a customer to refinance a loan with a different lender; just ask if you are a suitable candidate for refinancing.

Applying for Robstown Title Loans

We understand the urgency that made you consider title loans in Robstown, which is why our application process is painless. Our online form negates the need for customers to travel to a physical location to provide the necessary information or print out copies amounts of documents. You only have to submit details of the asset, which are;

  • Make
  • Model
  • Style
  • Mileage

Then you have to give your particular that is; full name, email address, zip code, and phone number.Using this information, our online calculator provides a free estimate based on your vehicle's value. The maximum amount you can get for a title loan depends on the condition of your asset. Our customer representatives are at your disposal if you have concerns about title loans.

When looking for easy ways of borrowing money, title loans top the list. The lack of credit checks, simple approval process, and uncomplicated repayment conditions are only a few motivations to find a reputable lender in Robstown.

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